Set Up Online Tracking

It looks like you're trying to set up online tracking on your mobile phone!

This might be a little tricky, as the online tracking site (which you need to set up an account with) isn't very user-friendly on mobiles.

The best thing would be to set up on a desktop/laptop if you can. Once you've done this, follow these instructions for viewing the tracking site on your mobile.

Introduction – Please Read!

Online tracking is an optional extra method of tracking – you can log into an online account, where you can see the Tracker’s location and history. Please note that whether or not you have online tracking enabled, you can still get location texts via the loc text.


When you enable online tracking on your device, it will regularly “upload” its location to a web server, where you can log in to see the current location and where it’s been at any time since enabling online tracking. Online tracking can be turned on or off using simple text commands sent remotely from your mobile phone.

When using online tracking, the SIM card will use “data” – this is internet usage, as opposed to just text message or call minutes. GiffGaff charge just 5p per megabyte of use from your top-up airtime credit. In a whole month of online tracking, this will only amount to about 10p because the individual location uploads are so small.

These pages explain how to set up online tracking, and will take about 10 minutes. Please read them carefully! 

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