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Use Like a Mobile: Two-way Calling

Using the GPS Tracker for Phonecalls
- The Two-Way Calling Feature

Our Stray Star GPS Dementia Tracker also functions like a small mobile phone. It has a small speaker and microphone, enabling two-way calling. You can call the GPS tracker, and the person carrying it can also call you.

This can be hugely useful in helping with a search, offering reassurance, or even finding the GPS Tracker if it gets lost in a house. 

If you do not wish for the person to be able to call-out (e.g. if they might not be able to remember what the buttons do, or who they call) then the feature can easily be disabled.

Here's how it works:

Calling Out From the GPS Tracker:

  • A single phone number can be assigned, via a text message, to the call button on the side of the tracker
  • When the button is pressed, a call is then made to the assigned phone number (which can be a landline or mobile phone)
  • Outgoing calls cost 25p on Pay As You Go credit with the pre-installed SIM card, or included as part of unlimited calls and texts with the £6pm Goodybag deal
  • The buttons can also be disabled if they're not needed

Calling In to the GPS Tracker:

  • If you call the GPS Tracker's mobile phone number (it has a small SIM card inside, like a mini-mobile phone) it will buzz before automatically answering
  • You can set it so that only authorised numbers are allowed to call in
  • Calling the GPS Tracker doesn't cost anything from its SIM credit, just like calling a friend's mobile
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Call the GPS Tracker for a two-way conversation with your loved one - they don't need to do anything 

uk gps tracker

As a primary carer, you're a button away from a conversation or knowing they need help 

The SOS/panic button also calls out

Aside from the two-way calling feature, the GPS Dementia Tracker also has an SOS / Panic button.

When pressed, it will text up to five different phone numbers (assigned via a text message), then call them in turn until someone answers. This will then connect the wearer of the GPS Tracker to you or a carer (whoever you assign the numbers to) who can offer reassurance.

Remote Listening

Via a text message, you can set the device to activate or disable the onboard speaker.

With just the microphone enabled, you can call it for one-way listening instead.

This can be really useful if you want to discreetly check on a loved-one's surroundings without confusing them - for example to check whether they are at home, or perhaps in a park, pub or busy area.

If you weren't able to get a GPS signal because they were inside a large shopping mall for example, this would offer a secondary way of checking their surroundings.

remote listening

Discreet listening-in can help know where they are - if using public transport for example

"The tracker worked perfectly ~ this will now give me an enormous peace of mind when he goes out walking (daily). I cannot thank you enough for your service which was more than excellent!"Sue, August 2020