“The tracker came almost instantly, the instruction booklet gave full and straightforward details and the tracker has proved its worth from day one. It’s just as it says- you really are there to help! Full marks all round! Thank you!”Barbara, Shrewsbury UK

“The tracker came almost instantly, the instruction booklet gave full and straightforward details and the tracker has proved its worth from day one. It’s just as it says- you really are there to help! Full marks all round! Thank you!”Barbara, Shrewsbury UK

As you're using a mobile phone - you might like to know that you can order, activate your SIM, set up your GPS Tracker and request map texts all on your phone.

Here's an example of a text link that you'd receive from the GPS Tracker - you can click on it to see exactly how the map location would look on your phone: maps.google.com/maps?q=50.852072,-3.388508

Your Google Maps app should also have options for Satellite view. 

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“It has been a great product to maintain my gran’s safety and independence whilst giving the family peace of mind.”Alex, UK, 2017
“I am incredibly pleased with your product. Finally, a product that perfectly meets my needs has been found! Your company helps tremendously.”Matt, US, 2017

We want you to enjoy peace of mind too. All of our testimonials are (by law) genuine.

“This device is an excellent product… The customer service and aftercare with this company is excellent.”Susan, UK, 2016
“Thanks again for your wonderful product and your incredible service. I am completely satisfied and thoroughly impressed!”Mr Varnum, UK, 2017

A Flexible Tracker

Our GPS Tracker for dementia is terrific, giving instant map links by text. Waterproof, tamperproof, cheap to run.

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Easy to Set Up

Your step-by-step welcome sheet will walk you through everything you need to know to get tracking – in minutes.
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Very Cheap to Run

The free pre-installed SIM costs just 5p per location text, with no tie-in contracts, monthly fees or any hidden costs!
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Help & Aftercare

You can’t go wrong – plenty of detailed help is available either online or phone from our dedicated expert Will.
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Simple to use!

Just text the device from your phone, and receive an instant map by text reply. Our Dementia Trackers are packed with great location features - like knowing when someone has wandered too far, fallen, or hit the 'panic' button. It even has two-way calling - like a mini-mobile phone. You can learn more about how it works using the links below.

“I purchased a Stray Star GPS Tracker for my Mother who has dementia. Really pleased with it, it gives peace of mind that we can find her if she gets lost. Excellent Service!”Steve, June 2018
“We purchased a Stray tracker for our Dad who has dementia, in early November. We have been really pleased with the reassurance it gives us as he still lives at home independently but visits my mum daily in the local care home she is a resident in so we are able to check he has arrived safely and has been dropped home at night by his taxi.”Noreen, 2018

Common Uses for our GPS Trackers

GPS Dementia Trackers allow you to receive instant map locations to your phone, to know when and where your loved one has wandered. Tracking dementia and Alzheimer's patients can also allow you to learn their routine walking routes, and offer peace of mind should they become lost.

GPS Elderly Trackers offer a range of benefits. The Trackers are waterproof, tamperproof, offer an SOS (panic) button should your elderly relative become confused, and also two-way calling. Yes - they're also like very simple mini-mobile phones!

Fall Detectors make great use of built-in motion-tracking functionality - if the wearer falls, the device will trigger a text alert to be sent to up to three carers. They can also call-out by pressing the button in an emergency.

Two thirds of dementia patients will go missing at least once this year. If not found within 24 hours, up to half could suffer serious injury or death.
Know WHEN they wander, and WHERE they are.

Our user-friendly Dementia Trackers and Elderly Trackers offer unique flexibility for sending various alerts to multiple carers or relatives, are really easy to set up and extremely cheap to run (typically just £1-3 per month of SIM costs). With eight years of experience we offer plenty of relevant help and information, and take pride in caring for our customers' needs.

Our Dementia Trackers are extremely useful.

When your loved one with dementia or Alzheimer's goes wandering - you have a number of options. First you can set the dementia Tracker ahead of time to alert you if the person with dementia goes wandering too far. Perhaps 100 meters down the road? Receive an instant text alert. Whenever you like, you can text the device for an instant location. If you set up online tracking (for free!) you can log in online to see the route of where they have wandered - which might be useful to learn routine walks. If you wish to speak to the person with dementia or Alzheimer's, you can call the dementia tracker and have a two-way conversation with them - or just listen in to the surroundings. They don't have to do anything, the dementia tracker will answer automatically. There is also an SOS button on the dementia tracker which will send a text and phone call to up to three carers, but if the person with dementia tends to fiddle or is unlikely to remember then this can be disabled without losing other important alert functions. The dementia tracker is also waterproof, tamperproof, can be easily charged via a drop-in cradle, and is incredibly cheap to use.We're sure you'll love it and find it immensely useful!

“The tracker makes me feel that mum has a little friend in her pocket who is keeping an eye on her for me! Thank you so much.”Linda, Manchester UK

Buy a GPS Dementia Tracker Today

What a fantastic product. I would recommend this to anyone needing to track someone. Many thanks and again thanks for your superb service.”Peter, 2017
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“The tracker is amazing we can have peace of mind knowing where he is at any given time, what a difference it has made, it’s amazing.”Jean, 2015
“We have a family member with early Alzheimer’s and he tends to go off on wanders… It is a fantastic bit of kit and we are so pleased”Janine, Merseyside
“I bought a Stray Star GPS Tracker a few weeks ago for my father who has dementia – I think it is a great product and it has been working very well”Liz, 2016
“It has been excellent, as my dad has dementia and it gives my mum peace of mind.”Lorraine