Instant Satellite Maps Direct to your Phone
Smart, Trusted GPS Tracking For Alzheimer's

"This gadget saved me hours and hours of 'finding' my dad."Ms Riggs, January 2024
Learn everything you need to know about GPS Trackers for Alzheimer's here - how they work, some amazing things they can do, and keeping running costs super-cheap. If someone close to you has started wandering, you might also find these pages from Alzheimer's Association and Alzheimer's Society helpful (they open in new tabs).

Instant GPS Photo Map Locations Direct to Your Phone

If your loved one has wandered or you want to check on their location, our Stray Star GPS Dementia Tracker can show you exactly where they are at any time via instant text-reply (using Google Satellite Maps). With optional online tracking, you can also see them moving on a live map, as well as review the walking routes they've taken on a recent day (more about online tracking).

dementia tracker

Instant satellite maps are more useful than typical street maps, especially in more rural areas.

"The dementia tracker is 100% excellent - really really pleased with it 👍"Matthew, 2022
"The Dementia Tracker has been a great peace of mind. It's a great little thing, and incredibly reassuring to have."Helen, 2022
"It has been excellent, as my dad has dementia and it gives my mum peace of mind."Lorraine
"It gives us a great sense of security, especially my husband who feels he can venture out alone (even if not very far) as help is always at hand"Mrs Stevenson
"Hi, the personal dementia tracker is still doing a great job, we are able to locate the Dad when he wanders due to his dementia which has helped us so much and ensured his safety."Brian, Kent
"I bought a Stray Star tracker a few weeks ago for my father who has dementia – I think it is a great product and it has been working very well"Liz, Kingsbridge
"What a fantastic product. I would recommend this to anyone needing to track someone. Many thanks and again thanks for your superb service."Peter
"I use the tracker for my father who has dementia. It is working fine for us, we have had no problems and it gives us some reassurance that we can find him if he wanders."Nichola
"I configured the unit and gave it to my mother who is 80 and suffering from dementia. I was so pleased with the results"Mr Blumfield
"The customer service and aftercare with this company is excellent. I have had a couple of queries & their on line service response is quick and extremely helpful. Many thanks would highly recommend"Susan
"It has been working brilliantly, giving us great peace of mind as able to locate and pick up Dad safely when he goes wandering due to his dementia."Brian S
""We have received the dementia tracker and set it up successfully. Your instructions are very clear thank you. It is going to be a real help as we have a family member with early Alzheimer’s and he tends to go off on wanders and although currently finds his way home, he doesn’t know in advance where he is going as he just waits for a train and gets on it, so he could be anywhere from Chester to Southport or Preston! I have sent my husband out with it to test it so we know what we are doing! It has been good fun! Or maybe I am just sad!! It is a fantastic bit of kit and we are so pleased."Jannine, Merseyside

Two-way Calling and Listening-in

Our GPS Tracker for Alzheimer's also has a small speaker and microphone onboard, while still being completely waterproof. It will automatically answer an incoming call from you, the carer, enabling you to speak to the person with Alzheimer's - they don't need to do anything. You can also disable the speaker via text-message if you wish, to listen-in and check on the surroundings if it helps in a missing person situation (read more).

gps dementia tracker

GPS Trackers for dementia can be called for a two-way conversation

Dementia wandering: instant GPS alerts

If a loved one with Alzheimer's goes wandering in the day or night - you'll want to know as soon as possible. If they wander more than 100 meters from home, the GPS Tracker for Alzheimer's will send an instant automatic text alert to you and up to four other carers, letting you know the current location. Read more about GPS Alzheimer's Tracker geo-fencing.

gps trackers safety alerts

Receive an alert when they wander

Flexible SOS Text and Call Alerts

GPS Trackers for Alzheimer's typically have an SOS button. When pressed, it will send a text alert and an outgoing phone call to a designated carer. With our unique Stray Star GPS Dementia Tracker, you have full flexibility on how this works - you can change the length of time it needs to be pressed (to prevent false alarms or disable it if the wearer won't remember to use it), whether it texts or calls the carers (or texts and calls), and you can set up to five designated carers. When a carer answers an SOS call, they have the option of disabling the call sequence - if they can't attend to an emergency, the next person in the call list can then receive a call too.

gps trackers safety alerts

GPS Trackers for dementia also act as emergency SOS devices

Fall Detection

Our Stray Star GPS Dementia Tracker has a built-in motion sensor which can detect a fall - and again send a text alert and/or phone call. Unique voice feedback offers easy cancelling of any false alarms. Read more about GPS Trackers with fall detection.

gps trackers safety alerts

GPS trackers are useful for anyone at risk of falling

"It is going to be a real help as we have a family member with early Alzheimer’s and he tends to go off on wanders and although currently finds his way home, he doesn’t know in advance where he is going as he just waits for a train and gets on it, so he could be anywhere from chester to Southport or Preston! It is a fantastic bit of kit and we are so pleased."Janine, UK

What GPS Trackers for Alzheimer's Cost

GPS Trackers for Alzheimer's vary hugely - they might seem cheap at first but then have hidden fees, monthly rentals or subscription charges. Our GPS Tracker with No Subscription or rental fees is a one-off simple payment - leaving you with complete control. 

A simple single purchase

Our Stray Star GPS dementia tracker is a one-off payment and that's it - no more costs from us whatsoever. You will only need to pay for your SIM usage from the GiffGaff network, which is very cheap.

gps trackers safety alerts

Don't get lost with hidden fees and subscriptions - we keep it simple (and cheap!)

Cheap ongoing GPS Tracker SIM costs

Try not to get locked into an expensive monthly rental or subscription. When you activate the SIM card that's pre-installed with our GPS trackers for Alzheimer's, you will receive an extra free £5 on top of your £10 credit. Our SIMs are with GiffGaff (who use the O2 network), but you can use another network if you wish (anyone except "3"). You're in full control of your SIM account and usage.

When your GPS Tracker for Alzheimer's texts a location, it will only cost 10p from your pay-as-you-go credit. For most customers, this only costs about £2-3 a month. 

If though you think you might be using it more often, GiffGaff also have a £6 per month deal which includes unlimited texts and calls and more than enough data for online tracking - so you needn't pay more than this. You can switch back and forth from PAYG to the inclusive package whenever you need to - again you're in control.

"Bought the GPS pendant for my father who is in residential care with dementia and prone to “escaping”. This device is an excellent product to secret in his shirt pocket. The customer service and aftercare with this company is excellent. I have had a couple of queries & their on line service response is quick and extremely helpful. Many thanks would highly recommend"Susan

Other Benefits Of GPS Trackers for Alzheimer's

Sharing With Family & Carers

When using GPS Trackers for Alzheimer's, you may want other family members or carers to have access. Our unique firmware allows for different people to request a location from the device. You can set up to five different people to receive various alerts or outgoing calls (read more about sharing GPS Tracker access with carers).

gps trackers safety alerts

Easily share GPS Tracker access with other dementia carers

Discreet and Fiddle-proof for Users with Alzheimer's

Our versatile GPS dementia tracker is entirely discreet for the wearer, and won't make a sound unless you choose to call it. Unauthorised call numbers can also be blocked. The call-out and SOS buttons can be disabled if they're likely to be pressed by accident, and even the LED's can be disabled without losing functionality. It's also small, discreet, waterproof and tamper-proof - so can't be easily turned off by fiddling hands (which can be an issue with dementia and other GPS Trackers).

"I purchased a Stray Star GPS Tracker for my Mother who has dementia. Really pleased with it, it gives peace of mind that we can find her if she gets lost. Excellent Service!"Steve

Common Questions about GPS Trackers for Alzheimer's

What else do you need to keep track?

Aside from the GPS Tracker for Alzheimer's itself, the only other thing you'll need is your mobile phone - this is how you receive location texts, or use the online tracking app (which you can also log into via a laptop/tablet). You can also still have two-way conversations if the SOS button is pressed, or if you call the GPS Tracker for Alzheimer's. You will also be able to set up the GPS Tracker remotely using your mobile phone, as all settings are made by sending specific text messages.

know when a loved one falls

All the carer needs is a mobile phone to see the map locations

How easy are GPS Trackers for Alzheimer's to set up and use?

Very easy! We've worked with GPS Trackers for Alzheimer's and dementia carers for over ten years, so understand the need for simplicity without compromising on functionality and flexibility.

In the package is a step-by-step activation sheet to activate the pre-installed SIM. There's a user-friendly manual to understand the basics. If you want to get stuck into more depth with certain lesser-used functions or best-usage ideas, there's also a much bigger guide to get stuck into.

a gps tracker is easy to set up

It takes just a few minutes to get set up and tracking

How practical are GPS Trackers for Alzheimer's to wear?

Our Stray Star GPS Dementia Tracker is the optimal size to be highly functional and accurate without compromising on battery life. It's small enough to be carried with a keyring or on a lanyard strap (both are included). It can also easily be attached to a belt with the optional velcro GPS Tracker pouch or worn like a watch witih the GPS Tracker wrist-strap.

easy to wear

Carry as a keyfob, necklace, on a belt, ankle or wrist

Can GPS Trackers be used in dementia care homes?

Yes, the unique firmware and flexibility of our GPS Tracker is very popular with care homes, whether purchased by the home's themselves or relatives of service-users. Up to five different carers can be texted/called if the SOS is pressed (or receive wandering alerts), another friend or relative can be called if the side button is pressed. It's simple for any care staff to text the device for a location, if need be. Learn more about GPS Trackers for dementia care homes or sharing access with multiple carers.

GPS Trackers are easy to use in care homes

GPS Trackers can be reassuring for relatives of care home service users, and popular with care assistants

Where can I learn more about your Stray Star GPS Tracker for Alzheimer's?

Learn more about the Stray Star GPS Dementia Tracker here. You can purchase today, risk free. We're so confident you'll love our Stray Star GPS Dementia Tracker that we can't wait for you to try it - we receive lots of great feedback (see below). We're a friendly team, and are always here to help.

buying a GPS Tracker

Order today and you should receive it tomorrow or the day after (UK).

"We purchased a Stray Star tracker for our Dad who has dementia, in early November. We have been really pleased with the reassurance it gives us as he still lives at home independently but visits my mum daily in the local care home she is a resident in so we are able to check he has arrived safely and has been dropped home at night by his taxi"Noreen

The Importance of Customer Service and Aftercare with GPS Trackers for Alzheimer's

With over ten years of experience in customer service supplying GPS Trackers for Alzheimer's carers, we know how much can go wrong! Our thorough and detailed guides, step-by-step tutorials and online help portal goes a long way to ensuring you can make the most of your device. But it's natural that you might still misunderstand something, have a particular need, get stuck somehow or even accidentally damage your tracker.

We're here to help via phone or email as soon as possible to help get you sorted. We've often gone the extra distance with unique customer needs - learn more about our excellent GPS Tracker aftercare.

GPS Trackers with excellent aftercare

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and to make the most of your GPS Tracker

One more thing... you really can't go wrong. We offer a 7 day trial period, so if things don't work out (your loved one with dementia might not want to wear it), you can always return it.
limitations of using gps trackers for dementialimitations of using gps trackers for dementia

GPS Trackers rely on signal reception, and can't guarantee safety

Limitations of GPS Trackers for Alzheimer's

Remember GPS Trackers for Alzheimer's are assistive devices only: there are important limitations to be aware of.

A GPS Tracker can of course be immensely useful if someone with dementia becomes lost, but it should never be relied upon to encourage a person to go wandering who would be in danger without one.

GPS Trackers for dementia rely on a few factors to be able to give you a location, any of which could become a barrier:

  • The mobile network signal, which could always drop out in more rural areas or if there's a local mast tower fault (which could happen at any time).
  • SIM credit - you can select your SIM credit to top-up automatically, but if its allowed to deplete then it will stop responding to texts.
  • Battery power, and sufficient charging. If a fault should develop with charging apparatus or battery, the device could power down quicker than expected.
  • GPS reception can be lost in certain conditions - within large buildings, heavy cloud cover or tall surrounding buildings or trees.
  • The person carrying it - whether you attach it to keys, a handbag, jacket, there's always a chance they could leave without it or lose it en-route.

These are just things to be aware of though. When someone is elderly, has dementia or Alzheimer's and is at risk of wandering, GPS Trackers for Alzheimer's are still an incredibly useful back-up device to greatly improve the likelihood of locating them quickly.

More Detail About GPS Trackers for Alzheimer's

There might be aspects of GPS Trackers for Alzheimer's that you're still curious about. Below you can see pages with more detail - you can also access these pages at any time via the 'GPS Trackers Info' menu above, or at the bottom of most pages.

See the range of flexibility and options, offering you full control.

See all the great features of our essential Dementia Tracker. Buy today, receive within 2 days.

Instant locations by text or app. Quick, reliable, waterproof, tamperproof, packed with features.

Call the GPS Tracker, or allow the wearer to easily call you. £6pm buys unlimited calls and texts.

Receive important alert texts immediately - know when they wander, fall, or need help.

Your step-by-step welcome sheet will walk you through everything you need to know to get tracking - in minutes.

The free pre-installed SIM costs just 10p per location text, with no contracts, monthly fees or catches.

Up to five numbers can be programmed in to receive texts or calls. Share with family or carers.

As well as text locations, you can also track in real-time via a website and/or app.

You can't go wrong - plenty of detailed help is available either online or phone from our dedicated expert Will.