Charging Cradle

Charging Cradle (for the Stray Star GPS Tracker)

The Charging Cradle makes life a little easier when charging your Stray Star GPS Dementia Tracker.

The Charging Cradle though offers an easier alternative to inserting the micro-USB lead directly into the side of the device (below a rubber seal). With the cradle, the device can instead be dropped in to start charging, and removed just as easily. Some users will find it this method more easy and convenient.

The Cradle can be left on at all times. When the device is dropped in, the red LED indicates charging, and switches off again when charging is complete (3-5 hours). 

You can add the charger on the Cart page, when adding the Stray Star GPS Dementia Tracker to your Cart.


Simply drop the device in, the red LED indicates charging

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