Step 1 of 3: Set up Your GPS Tracker for Online Tracking

You need to send two text messages to your GPS Tracker. Make sure you get them right, or else this won’t work! If you're on a mobile phone and you copy and paste these, please make sure that it doesn't copy the 'return' space afterwards or else it won't work.

  • First, text IP1,,20790

    This tells your GPS Tracker where to send its location uploads. You should receive a “Set IP OK!” text to say it was successful. If you don’t, check you included the ‘1’, the commas and relevant full-stops.

  • Then, if you’re using a GiffGaff SIM, also text S1,

    This tells your GPS Tracker which network it should start uploading its data through, AND starts the uploads. You will receive a “Set APN OK! GPRS connecting…” text to say it was successful. Next, we’ll set up the online account to properly “receive” those uploads.