Carry Pouch

Carry Pouch (for the Stray Star GPS Tracker)

Our velcro pouch has been specially designed for the Stray Star GPS Dementia Tracker, and gives a super-snug fit. It can be purchased as an add-on at the Shopping Cart stage, or via this page. Made of neoprene, it offers a durable and convenient way to give much more flexibility to how the device is worn.

The SOS button is still available via a small hole on the front (remember the device can of course be turned around if you don’t wish to expose the SOS button – it can also be disabled via text without losing other important alerts).

The strong, velcro strap offers a maximum diameter of 35cm, and a minimum diameter of 14cm. It can be easily and securely fastened to an upper-arm or ankle.

The velcro strap can also be easily removed from the belt loop on the back, allowing it to be worn on a belt.


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Eligible for VAT Relief.