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    The vast majority of questions can be quickly answered using the available information, but don't worry if not - we're here to help.

    First, re-check the Manual (just in case!)
    If it's a usage issue, it's worth checking the relevant section in the manual again, as you may have overlooked or misunderstood something (it happens!)

    Check the Help Portal
    Your GPS Tracker’s Help Page web address can be found in the back of the manual (and mentioned on the Welcome Sheet if you still have it). The detailed and thorough online guide is PACKED with useful tips and solutions for your specific GPS Tracker. The vast majority of issues are solved there, including charging, usage, changing time zones, unusual/lack of text responses and lots more.

    If you're still stuck, there's a thorough contact form there for you to get in touch with details relevant to your issue. That way we should have all the information we need to resolve your issue faster, rather than needing to get back to you for more details.

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    That shouldn't be a problem.

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    Click here to purchase Special Next Day Delivery for your order, at £9.99 (excl VAT).

    We'll match your details to your order, but you can mention your recent order number if you like in the Shipping Notes section at Checkout just to be sure. You should then get a confirmation email for both orders (the original tracker order, and Special Delivery add-on) to know it was successful. On the small off-chance it was too late, don't worry, we will of course refund your Special Delivery.


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    Or, just tick the box below to ask us direct.

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    SIM & Usage Costs
    Learn about Safety Alerts (SOS, geo-fencing, falls)
    Online Tracking
    Sharing Access with Friends, Family or Carers
    Using our GPS Tracker for Dementia
    More Frequently Asked Questions

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    You're welcome to call instead on 01392 580655 to chat about your needs and discuss how our GPS Tracker could help. A sales advisor should be available, but if not (we don't use call centers or automated machines), just leave a voicemail and someone will call you back when possible.