Share with Multiple Carers

Sharing Access with Carers and Family

You may want to share access to the GPS Tracker with other siblings, parents, relatives, dementia carers, friends or neighbours - people who could quickly help in the event that the person with dementia goes wandering or has a fall.

Our Stray Star GPS Dementia Tracker has a unique firmware allowing for great flexibility. You can disable the SOS and call buttons, while still allowing for someone to receive geofence or low-battery alerts. You can select whether each carer receives text alerts, calls or both from the Tracker. If a carer's landline is used for example, you can prevent them from receiving texts.

A total of five different phone numbers can be programmed into the Dementia Tracker, set via a text message. At any time, you can send another text to check which numbers have been set.

Anyone can request a location

The GPS Dementia Tracker allows anyone to text for an instant location if they know the specific command to send. So you can give the Tracker's phone number and text command to anyone who needs access (including the police, if they're involved in a search when others are unavailable).


Often families have more than one person able to help care for a loved-one with dementia - you can easily include them with access to the GPS Tracker

Up to five carers can receive alerts, with lots of flexibility

Five different people can receive text alerts for SOS, Falls, Geo-fencing (wandering too far) or Low Battery. They can also be optionally set to receive phone calls for SOS or Falls.

You can prioritise the order in which emergency contacts are texted and called.

A carer can be set to receive just calls, and not texts, if for example they have a landline.

You can vary specific settings - such as how long the SOS button needs to be pressed to trigger an emergency text-and-call-out to the programmed numbers. You can also set how long the Tracker should wait before calling the next number - if for example you want to avoid voicemails.

When an emergency call is answered, the carer can cancel other calls to the remaining contacts by pressing a number on their keypad.

The Tracker wearer has a brief period to cancel a false alarm if they wish.

One person for the outgoing call

There is a small button on the side of the device, which when held, will trigger an outgoing call.

One of the emergency contacts can be solely assigned to the outgoing call button. The button can also be disabled (which some customers find useful, if the wearer tends to fidget!)

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