We are the original, longest running UK specialists of GPS Trackers for dementia, Alzheimer’s and elderly/vulnerable wanderers.

Personal GPS Trackers are incredibly useful for a variety of uses, and frequently save lives. But choosing the right product with the right level of help can be difficult! Our goal is to make life simple for people wanting extra reassurance when caring for their loved ones. We deliver what you need to know in a concise and down-to-earth way. 

We began in Devon, 2009 as a solution to fulfilling a simple need. Since then we have explored the relative benefits and shortcomings of many different products across eight years of experience, developing a great understanding of the technological nuances and how they dovetail with our customer's needs.

We believe in clear, thorough information which you'll find throughout our website, user friendly manuals and online help guides. We've worked through a lot of the issues, quibbles, ambiguities and misunderstandings that customers can face when purchasing a GPS Tracker – and our customers enjoy the hassle-free experience we provide.

Our Stray Star GPS Tracker has exclusive functionality that has been developed with flexibility & reliability in mind. Our information, help and aftercare benefits from an expert knowledge of the product.

Our customers value our experience and dedication, and we value our customers.


Will: our in-house expert and customer service advisor is here to help!

Outstanding customer service! Thank you so much.Karen, 2016