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See how GPS Locations work

GPS Tracker Locations: How they work on your mobile phone

The GPS Tracker gives an accurate Google Map location via text message whenever you need one. This is how most carers use the devices - requesting locations when they need one, or receiving them automatically if the person wanders too far, presses the SOS button, or has a fall. They can also regularly upload their locations to a website which can be viewed online or via an app - allowing you to see the location update every few minutes, and see the routes taken. First though, we'll explain text-based locating.


It couldn't be simpler to text for a location, sent directly back to your mobile phone

Send a text to the GPS Tracker...

From your own mobile phone, you send a simple text message to the phone number for the SIM card inside the GPS Tracker, just like you would to another mobile phone.

...and it immediately texts you back

The GPS Tracker will then immediately text you back with a clickable map link of where it is. The Google Maps link is a live link – so clicking on it will take you direct to the location using Google Maps on your mobile phone.


How a location text message will appear on your mobile phone

...with an accurate Map Location

The map will then show the location. Depending on your phone, Google Maps should also offer options for directions to the location, an image of the area, and the ability to zoom into street level.


When you click on the link, the map will load showing you the exact location

Try It Yourself!

As you're using a mobile device, clicking on this link should bring up the Google Maps app on your phone in exactly the same way as it would when you click on a location text:,-3.388508

You can also listen in to the surroundings, or talk to the person

The GPS Tracker has an inbuilt microphone and speaker, enabling you to call the GPS Tracker from your mobile phone. It will answer automatically (this only costs from your own mobile's call minutes, included in your contract's call allowance. It won't cost anything from the GPS Tracker's SIM account - the same as if you called a friend).

You can then listen in to check on the surroundings (the speaker can be disabled via a prior text message), or have a two-way conversation with the person. If they're lost and/or confused, you can offer reassurance while making your way to find them.

Free online tracking: another method of locating

It might be useful to have a constant moving location for reassurance, or to see the route that someone takes when wandering. 

We provide a step-by-step guide to setting up a free online tracking account where you can locate your device online. It will upload its location every few minutes, so you can see where it is and where it's been. This does use data from your device's SIM account, but only amounts to about 30p per month - or is included as part of the £6 per month Goodybag deal. Online tracking can be turned on or off with a simple text message.

You can provide the login access for any relatives or carers who might also be looking after the person in question. There is also an app-based version of the tracking platform.