GPS Tags for Theft Prevention

GPS Trackers for Theft Protection

In a single year across 2018-19, 150,000 cars, vans and motorcycles were reported stolen in the UK (source: FleetNews).

Car theft reduced substantially soon after 2003 as a direct result of superior car security and modern technology. It's steadily increased again in recent years though as thieves have found ways to side-step the various technological barriers.

For the year ending March 2020, statistics show that 72% of stolen cars were never returned to their owners (source: Office for National Statistics).

Locate a stolen car or asset with a hidden GPS device

Increasingly, savvy owners of expensive goods are turning to GPS Tracking devices as a secondary measure against theft - whether to locate stolen bikes, camera bags, handbags, agricultural machinery or shipping containers.

For anything valuable, you'll hopefully have some primary security measures in place. But if there's any possibility whatsoever that something could be taken - make sure you can know exactly when - as well as where it's gone.

gps trackers for theft protection

If you can't prevent a theft, the next best thing is to know it's happening, and where your things are

"These figures paint a rather disturbing picture – vehicle thefts are on the rise almost everywhere, and in some parts of the country numbers are rocketing." "It’s also not the case that the rises in crime are confined to a few larger urban areas, with many police forces covering more rural areas also seeing big increases."Simon Williams, RAC insurance

Two useful GPS Trackers to know when something has been stolen

magnetic gps car tracker
The GPS Car Tracker is a powerful magnetic tracker with a 60 day battery. It's waterproof, robust and accurate to within a few meters - easy to place on a vehicle or steel container.
Our Stray Star GPS Tracker is a smaller, discreet device packed with functionality including a hidden mic, speaker and motion-sensor.
magnetic gps car tracker

Protect against theft with a GPS Tracker

Our devices are packed with excellent functionality making them useful for a range of scenarios. Know when something moves, where it is, where it's been - you can even listen in remotely to the surroundings.

Know when something leaves an area

You can set up a circular area around any asset or vehicle - and be notified if it leaves that zone. This can be a text alert direct to your mobile phone, or an alert via an app. Keep up to date in real-time as your asset is on the move, and share its location easily with police.

receive alerts if it leaves the area

If your car or belongings move a certain distance, you'll want to know about it

Know when something moves

Our GPS Trackers can alert you once their moving. Both our devices have built-in motion sensors, which can be useful when combined with other functions. If something is stolen - the sooner you know, the better.

if it moves - receive an alert text

You could receive an alert even if a motorbike was pushed over

See where it's going, and where it's been

If something of yours is taken, you can use online tracking to monitor its ongoing journey - relaying to police if need be in the search to retrieve it. We give a simple step-by-step guide to setting your GPS Tracker up with a free online tracking account, also free to use. The only cost will be data use from the GPS Tracker's SIM card, which costs approx 40p for a full month of tracking.

see where its going and where its been

See live movement on the map, to share with the police

Locate your assets whenever you need to

A simple text message or phone call to the GPS Tracker will trigger an immediate text reply straight to your phone with a Google Map Location link, accurate to within meters. Perhaps you're on holiday and want to just reassure yourself that your car or bike back home are where they should be.

locate your assets at all times

Locate your assets at all times

Small, discreet & waterproof

Both of our GPS Trackers for theft protection are small, discreet GPS Trackers and waterproof. The Stray Star GPS Tracker is also tamper-proof - it's not easily powered off, and not at all obvious to any finder that there is a SIM card inside. You can even disable the LEDs on the side so it appears to be switched off.


Rain is no problem for our GPS Trackers

Limitations of GPS Trackers for Theft Protection

gps trackers for storage containers

Our GPS Trackers have been used for storage containers and industrial machinery

Our GPS Trackers have been purchased to monitor all kinds of things - including containers and expensive art installations. However, there are limitations which you should be aware of:

GPS signals can vary depending on nearby tall buildings, trees, bad weather, heavy cloud coverage, or being underground or deep within a building (e.g. a carpark or warehouse).  Sometimes, they might be absent altogether.

GPS Trackers rely on mobile network coverage, so are prone to occasional black-spots just as with any mobile device (e.g. a temporary local mast tower issue). If the asset travels into an area of poor mobile reception, it will also not be able to transmit its data.

Thieves may locate your GPS Tracker and disable it. You will need to ensure it's well placed. Fortunately, both our devices are small and discreet enough to make this fairly easy.

Being reliant on network and GPS signal, your GPS Tracker shouldn't be relied up on to encourage a risky situation - nor should you endanger yourself in retrieving a stolen item. Always contact the police in the first instance - and stay safe.