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Free GPS Tracker SIM, Cheap Costs

The cheap-to-use GPS Tracker SIM

The free pre-installed GPS Tracker SIM makes it easy to get going when you receive your GPS Tracker. The Tracker requires a SIM card because it functions like a small mobile phone - able to receive and send texts (e.g. locations) and allow for two-way calling. You'll look after your SIM credit yourself by logging into your own online account to top-up (or, you can tick a box to have your account auto-topup when the credit falls below a certain amount).

Note: It does not matter what SIM your own mobile phone uses! The GPS Tracker is a separate device, and can communicate with your mobile phone in the same way that a friend's would. It does not need to be on the same network as your own mobile phone.


Your GPS Tracker will have a free pre-installed SIM with cheap ongoing costs. When activated, you receive an extra £5 of free credit.

No hidden costs, fees or subscriptions

You won't pay any more fees or subscription costs to us whatsoever once you receive your Stray Star GPS dementia Tracker with a free pre-installed GPS Tracker SIM. You will just pay for your own SIM usage (the rates are outlined in a section below).

The only requirement to keep your SIM account active is that you use at least one location text from the Tracker every three months. You do not need to top up every month.

Network Coverage

Our free GPS Tracker SIM is from GiffGaff, who use the O2 network. You can check the coverage here - remember you can use another network and install your own UK SIM if you wish.

Just to be clear - it doesn't matter at all what network your own mobile phone is on - it doesn't need to be on the same network as the GPS Tracker SIM. 

  • Add a Free GPS Tracker SIM an extra at the 'Shopping Cart' stage. It will then be pre-installed in your device.

  • £5 Free Credit

    When you activate your account with £10.

  • No Contracts

    Pay As You Go, or switch to an inclusive package anytime.

  • No Hidden Costs

    That's it! You only pay for your SIM usage.

  • You're in Complete Control

    There are no more ties with us or any call centers, you set things up as you like.

  • Outgoing Calls are Optional

    SOS & Call Button can be disabled.

  • SIM uses O2, Device not Locked to any Network

    You can also use your own SIM. It doesn't matter at all what network your own mobile phone is on.

  • Futureproof 4G, falling back on 2G in rural areas

    Provides an excellent signal range across the UK.

  • See Our GPS Tracker

    Read more about or purchase the Stray Star GPS Dementia Tracker

How much will it cost to use?

Typical Usage = £1-5 per month

If you use about 5-10 texts (whether locations or alerts) a week, you'll only spend about £2-4 per month from your Pay As You Go credit. We recommend starting with PAYG credit, to see how your usage goes in the first month, then if you need to you can switch to the all-inclusive £6 Goodybag.

£6 per month for Unlimited Use

If you think you might use more texts, or make outgoing calls from the device (by using the SOS button or outgoing call button), then you might be better off with the £6 Goodybag. This renews each month, and includes unlimited calls and texts. It also offers 1gb of data which is more than enough if you want to use online tracking.

Costs from your own mobile phone when texting or calling the GPS Tracker

When you text for a location reply, or call the device, it will be at standard rates from your mobile (included in contract texts/minutes). It's not a premium rate or anything scary - it's just like texting/phoning a friend.

If using Pay As You Go:

Location Texts:

Outgoing calls:
per minute

Online (data):
approx per month

If using the £6 per month inclusive Goodybag:

Unlimited Texts

Unlimited Minutes

Online data - more than enough!

Further Information and FAQ

Limitations to be aware of

As with any device that transmits information using mobile networks, there is always the possibility of 'blackspots' where network coverage might be weak.

Occasionally local mast-towers can develop faults. This can't be avoided, and while they're usually fixed quickly, your device might not respond at all during this period.

Remember that the GPS Tracker is an assistive aid only, and should not be used to encourage a situation where a person would be in danger without it. 

You must ensure that your SIM account is in credit (the auto-top-up feature is useful for this), that the device is adequately charged and of course switched on.