Mini GPS Tracker Won’t Let You Down

Our Mini GPS Tracker won't let you down

Our Mini GPS Tracker is also a popular dementia tracker and way ahead of the rest - it's high quality, has enhanced features, and the longest battery life you'll find for a Mini GPS Tracker.

You can even listen in through a tiny microphone. Its one of the best discrete GPS Trackers, tamperproof and waterproof. Reliable and accurate, it won't let you down.

mini gps tracker
mini gps tracker

Mini GPS Tracker is easy to carry or hide

The Personal Mini GPS Tracker is about the size of a matchbox - a convenient small locator which can be worn around the neck via the supplied lanyard, carried in the pocket, or hidden in a car or asset. We also have a velcro pouch available which makes carrying or placing it even easier.

Its a sturdy, robust design with a soft rubberized surface, feeling high quality to hold.

The Mini GPS Tracker with the longest battery life

The battery life of our personal Mini GPS Tracker lasts for 7 days on standby, and approximately 3 days with continual GPS location reports. The battery is built in, so you don't need to worry about installing it. It is easily charged via the USB cable that plugs into the side of the Mini GPS Tracker, or via the charging cradle.

mini gps tracker battery

Common uses for the Mini GPS Trackers

Mini GPS Trackers are most commonly used for tracking the location of people who may be vulnerable to wandering, e.g. as dementia trackers or elderly trackers. They're incredibly useful, and have a range of excellent features such as geo-fencing and SOS "panic" buttons. For example, geo-fencing allows you to be notified by text if the mini GPS tracker leaves a certain area. It has up to three geo-fence zones, so you can receive a text alert if the tracker leaves or enters those zones. This is very useful for knowing when someone has wandered.

Because the Mini GPS Tracker is small and has a great battery life, its also well suited to car and vehicle tracking. It can be easily placed in a glovebox, door shelf or even used as a keyfob. The free online tracking facility is very reliable and will give a real-time track of the mini GPS Tracker's location.

The Mini GPS Tracker is simply very versatile - having all the main features of a GPS Tracker but with clear added benefits.

The Mini GPS Tracker is also a mobile phone

As well as the great GPS functionality, the Mini GPS Tracker also has a built in microphone and speaker. A small side button can be programmed to call a specific phone number, and the mini GPS Tracker can also receive calls from any number.

Learn about the Free Pre-Installed SIM and Very Cheap Ongoing Costs!

Its very cheap to use - no subscriptions, hidden fees or catches.

The Stray Star Mini GPS Tracker

Learn more about our Stray Star GPS Mini Tracker: packed with features, free pre-installed SIM card and plenty of great information, support and aftercare.

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