The GPS Tracker For Dementia

The GPS Tracker for Dementia

Dementia can be a devastating condition, both for the person with dementia and their caregivers. One of the biggest challenges of caring for someone with dementia is preventing them from wandering off. GPS trackers can be a valuable tool for caregivers, providing peace of mind knowing that their loved one is always safe and located.

A Real-World Story

Sarah’s father, John, had been diagnosed with dementia a few years ago. At first, John was able to live independently, but as his dementia progressed, Sarah became worried about his safety. John would often wander off and get lost, and Sarah didn’t want him to be alone.

Sarah decided to buy a Stray Star GPS dementia tracker for her father. The tracker was a small device that John could wear on his wrist with a simple wrist-strap. It would send Sarah a signal every few minutes via free online tracking, so she could always know where her father was.

John was hesitant to wear the GPS tracker at first, but Sarah explained that it was for his safety. She told her father that the tracker would help him find his way back home if he ever got lost.

John agreed to wear the tracker, and it quickly became an essential part of his life. Sarah was able to relax knowing that she could always find her father if she needed to.

One day, John wandered off from his house. Sarah received an alert from the GPS tracker, and she was able to track her father’s location. John had wandered into a nearby park, and Sarah was able to find him and bring him home safely.


Sarah was so grateful for the GPS tracker. It had given her peace of mind knowing that her father was always safe.