Fall Detection for Stroke Patients

Know about it, locate them, reassure, get help.

Fall detection alerts
Instant location
SOS “panic” button
Two-way calling to reassure
7 Day battery life
Easy charging by cradle
No ongoing charges – just text costs


Why is our device essential for risk of a stroke or fall?

All of these useful functions are carried out remotely via text message on your (the carer’s) mobile phone. The commands are simple and easy. You only need to make sure the person is carrying/wearing the tracker (which you can actually check remotely). You can do the rest from your mobile phone.

Fall detection

    Our Stray Star GPS Tracker has a fall detection mechanism. A sensitivity can be set to detect a shock (high to low sensitivity). If the Tracker then remains still for ten seconds, it will automatically send a text alert with “Fall Detect!” and the location coordinates to up to three carers. You program these numbers into the device remotely via text message, as part of the set-up process.

Locate them if they happen to be out and about

    Whenever you need to locate the person, a simple text message will show you exactly where they are in seconds. Clicking on the link in the text message will automatically bring up Google Maps on your internet phone (if you don’t have an internet phone, you can manually enter the coordinates into a web browser). The location is also provided in any alert texts (e.g. fall detection or SOS).

fall detection stroke sos buttonSOS button

    If the person you’re caring for happens to get into any difficulty and needs assistance – they can either press the SOS button, or the call button on the side. The SOS button will send an “SOS alert!” text to up to three carers. It will then also call each of them in turn until someone answers. The call button on the side will make a phone call to one particular person.

Check they are ok at any time

    Via a simple text command, you can get an alert reply back if the device is moving. This lets you check that its being worn or carried, and that the person you’re caring for is active. You can also call the device to have a two-way conversation, or call it will just the mic enabled to listen in to the surroundings.

stroke fall detection cradle chargerEasy charging

    The device has a charging cradle as an optional extra. The GPS Tracker simply sits on the cradle, and when charging is completed, the red light goes out. This makes life much easier for anyone who doesn’t like (or isn’t good at) fiddling with leads!

Long battery life

    The Stray Star GPS Tracker also has up to 30 days on standby – where it can “kick into action” only when movement is detected, and then stay on for a set amount of time. Even when left on for continuous tracking/fall detection, it still has 7 days of battery.

No crazy monthly fees!

    If you’ve shopped around, you’ll notice that many products carry expensive monthly fees, or are tied into some expensive monitoring package. Ours carry no monthly fees or hidden extras – you only pay us for the device itself, then pay for your own SIM usage (which is minimal, depending on how its used).

14 Day Trial

If you aren’t sure whether the person will accept wearing a GPS Tracking device, you are always welcome to test it out. If it doesn’t work out for any reason (but we’re sure you’ll find it immensely useful!), you can return it for a refund. We only ask that you keep everything in perfect condition.

Flexible payment options

At checkout, you can choose whether to pay direct by card, Paypal, cheque or BACs transfer.

What else do you need?

All you need is your own SIM card – the small cards which slot into mobile phones, which allows the device to send text message alerts or to make/receive phone calls. On purchasing, you can opt to receive a free SIM card from us with £5 free credit. The tariff is excellent – just £5pm for 300 texts, online tracking and call time. However – you can use your own SIM card as well – our GPS Trackers are not locked to any provider!

Setting Up the device easy

All you have to do is…

  • Read the detailed instructions that come with the GPS Tracker
  • Activate the SIM card, write down the phone number
  • Program your number as a carer into the device
  • Send the text message to set up the fall detection function

That’s it! You can learn how to use any of the other functions in the detailed manual – they are all straight-forward. As long as the device is switched on and charged, you can set up and carry out all of the functions remotely using your own mobile phone 🙂

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Stray Star GPS Tracker
Fall detection
Locate by text
SOS button
2-way calling
Motion alerts
7-30 Day Battery
Tamper proof
Easy charging via cradle