GPS Trackers for Cars

GPS Trackers for Cars
Discrete, Waterproof, 60 Day Battery

Our GPS Trackers for cars are the best choice when it comes to vehicle tracking. Here you can learn about some of the alerts, and instant locations.

Most GPS trackers for cars require complex wiring, professional installation, and cost a monthly subscription to be able to locate.

Our GPS Trackers for Cars:

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"It’s great to see the gps tracker on the map."Mr Levy

GPS Trackers for Cars Give Automatic Text Alerts

Our GPS trackers for vehicle tracking have a built-in feature which is incredibly useful. Called "Geo-fencing", it allows the GPS Car Trackers to alert you if they strays a set distance from a given point. If for example you lend a car to someone, you might want to know if they travel a certain distance away (or even, over a certain speed).

So if you hide the GPS Car Tracker in your car or boat, you can then be notified if someone steals it. If it travels a certain distance, you'll get sent a text with the location. You can then make more location requests until you find your vehicle.

The GPS Trackers for Cars also give speed alerts. Set a particular speed, and once the tracker travels faster than that speed, it will send you an automatic alert text!

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    GPS Car Trackers Give Instant Google Map Locations

    Your GPS Car Tracker will have its own SIM number, from the unique SIM you put inside (which you can provide yourself, or we'll install one for free). All you need to do is call the GPS car tracker from your mobile phone. It will automatically respond via text message with the location coordinates and map location.

    You can send specific text commands to GPS car trackers to initiate many different functions. For example, they even have a small built in microphone that you can listen out of - despite being waterproof.

    Trackers for Cars Have Many Uses

    Our Trackers for Cars are sold for many different uses - cars, vans, boats and even to track containers. The long battery life and robustness of the trackers for cars make them extremely versatile, and they're packed with great features. Click here to read more about using our GPS Trackers for theft protection.

    Buy GPS Trackers for Cars

    Read more about our GPS Tracker for Cars or buy today. You can receive it as early as tomorrow (shipped 1st Class from UK). Its a beast of a GPS Car Tracker and packed with accessories and features - click the image to read more.

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    A More Discrete GPS Car Tracker?

    Although our GPS Tracker for Cars is already pretty discrete with its huge magnet allowing it to be fixed anywhere - you might want something smaller and lighter which you can easily hide inside a car.

    If so, be sure to check out our Stray Star GPS Tracker - its packed with great functionality, is also waterproof and has various battery modes providing up to 30 days of battery.

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