What Do I Need To Use A GPS Tracker for Dementia?

"What Do I Need To Use a GPS Tracker For Dementia?"

You only need a mobile phone to use our GPS Tracker for Dementia

Our GPS Dementia Tracker has been designed with simplicity in mind, to make it as easy as possibly for elderly people to use.

All you really need is a mobile phone with internet, which enables you to text for a location, as well as see the location on a map when you click on the automatic-reply text.

Your mobile phone doesn't even really need internet... in a moment I'll share a story of how we helped one elderly customer get set up without one.

uk gps tracker
uk gps tracker

But does my mobile phone have to be 2G, or on a particular network, to use a GPS Tracker for Dementia?

No! It's completely irrelevant whether your phone is 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, iPhone, Android, on Tesco Mobile or Vodafone - it absolutely doesn't matter when using a GPS Dementia Tracker. The only thing your phone needs to do is be able to send text messages, which is how the GPS Dementia Tracker gets programmed to do various things.

"Brilliant! Thanks very much. We’re currently away with our Dad staying in a hotel and its worked and helped us twice already. Its an absolute relief and peace of mind having the tracker"Gary, UK

What else do I need to use a GPS Tracker for Dementia?

The GPS Tracker for Dementia will come pre-installed with a very cheap to use GiffGaff GPS Tracker SIM card. In this way, it functions like a mini-mobile phone (it even has two-way calling available). You will need access to the internet to activate your SIM card, before you can start texting the GPS Tracker and getting replies.

You will also need to live in an area that has good mobile phone network coverage. Most of the UK is fine, but more rural areas in the hills or moors might struggle to get an adequate signal. Our GPS Dementia Trackers are 2G devices, which mean they're able to get a signal in more rural areas that more modern mobile devices (e.g. on the 3G or 4G networks).

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    How we helped one customer who needed to use a GPS Tracker who only has an older style non-internet phone

    Some people justifiably don't want or need the constant distractions and interruptions of the internet all day. Like Jill who got in touch wanting to be able to notify friends of her location if she become lost or had a fall. She doesn't even have an email address. Could she still use a GPS Tracker? Of course.

    We set up an email address for Jill, enabling us to create an account to activate her pre-installed GiffGaff SIM card. We did all of this for her. We then set up the device with the phone numbers of her friends.

    When receiving the GPS tracker, all Jill had to do was switch it on. She won't be able to see locations on a map herself, but if she falls or presses the GPS Tracker's SOS/Panic button, her friends will receive instant text alerts. They can then also speak to her via the two-way speaker/microphone.

    Jill is still able to text the device, for example if she wants to swap or delete any of the programmed numbers for any reason.

    Now you know what you need to use a GPS Tracker for Dementia... what else does it do?

    Geo-fencing - If a person strays too far (a pre-set distance), up to three carers can receive an instant text-message (on any mobile phone) to let them know.

    SOS "Panic" Button - If the wearer of the GPS Dementia Tracker presses the SOS button, again up to three different people can receive a text alert as well as a phone call.

    Two-Way Calling - The GPS Dementia Tracker is like a small mobile phone in itself, enabling conversations.

    Fall Detection - the onboard motion detector makes the GPS Dementia Tracker also function as a life-saving fall detector.

    gps trackers for elderly use

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