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12 Features for Dementia Tracking

The Perfect GPS Tracker for Dementia and Wanderers

Our unique dementia tracker has been specially designed with dementia sufferers in mind, useful for any elderly people who might be at risk of wandering and becoming lost.

Here are some features you'll find useful as a carer:

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  • Get instant, real-time locations via text or app

    The wearer doesn't need to do anything - it's completely discreet

  • It's packed with safety functions - SOS, wander alerts & more

    If the person wanders too far, falls or presses the SOS - receive a text

  • Call the device to talk to them or listen

    Again the wearer doesn't need to do anything - it answers automatically!

  • They can call you, if they need to (and are able to)

    A phone number can be assigned to the side button, or the main SOS button

  • You can disable the buttons, if you need to

    If the wearer is prone to fiddling, disable the call-out and SOS buttons

  • It's completely tamper-proof & waterproof

    The wearer won't accidentally switch it off, or open it up

  • You can disable the LEDs, if you need to

    If the wearer might be confused by the blinking LED lights

  • Allow other carers or family members to receive alerts

    Up to three different people can be set to receive text alerts

  • Can be worn, fastened or carried

    A lanyard & keyring loop are included, a velcro pouch with belt loop is optional

  • Easy charging via a drop-in cradle

    An optional extra that saves messing with leads

  • You can change any settings remotely, via text

    You don't need to be anywhere near the tracker itself

  • Stacks of help is available if you get stuck

    Make the most of your GPS Tracker with our excellent information and aftercare

"Brilliant! Thanks very much. We’re currently away with our Dad staying in a hotel and its worked and helped us twice already. Its an absolute relief and peace of mind having the tracker"Gary, UK

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"What a fantastic product. I would recommend this to anyone needing to track someone. Many thanks and again thanks for your superb service."Peter, 2017
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