The Best Personal GPS Tracker

5 Reasons Why This Is The Best Personal GPS Tracker

We don't think you'll find a better Personal GPS Tracker with these features:

  • 1) Reliable, solid, robust & accurate
  • 2) As small as a matchbox
  • 3) 7 day battery life won't let you down
  • 4) Two-way calling, like a mini mobile phone
  • 5) Free online tracking

You can read more details, or buy the Stray Star GPS Tracker here. This personal GPS Tracker is excellent for:

The Best Battery Life

Our personal Stray Star GPS Tracker has a standby battery life of 3-10 days. With regular (e.g. every five minutes) location texts (or uploads for online tracking), the battery life still lasts for approximately 4 days. The battery is built into the personal GPS tracker.

Searching for the Best Personal GPS Tracker - Avoid The Pitfalls

We're proud of our Stray Star GPS Tracker because it provides the functionality that customers have wanted. We're aware that a lot of the cheap and nasty personal GPS trackers are fraught with problems - poor manuals, unreliability, or huge barriers in being able to get working properly or tracking online. Our manuals are detailed - you'll have no problems setting up your personal GPS Tracker - and if you do, then you can just email us for quick assistance.

The Best Personal GPS Tracker Features

This Personal GPS Tracker has all the standard GPS Tracking features, such as locate via text, or by calling the GPS Tracker (a location text is then automatically sent back to you). But our Stray Star Personal GPS Tracker has some unique features which set it apart from other GPS Trackers. Its also a two-way communication device - despite being the size of a matchbox, it has an inbuilt speaker and microphone. Two buttons can be programmed to call different phone numbers, and the GPS Tracker can answer calls as well. Geo-fencing with GPS Trackers allows you to set up a "zone", which then alerts you if the personal GPS Tracker goes out of that zone. Our Personal GPS Tracker improves on this - you can set three zones. Not only that, but you can receive alerts if the GPS Tracker goes into a zone too - perfect if you want to know if the person you're tracking visits a particular place.

Personal GPS Tracking Online

If you want to set up your personal GPS Tracker to track online, then this GPS Tracker makes it easy, and free. As long as you have a data enabled SIM card installed inside (we provide one for free!), you can be set up within minutes to see your GPS Tracker tracking online. Our step by step guide makes it very easy. If you have any questions at all about our best personal GPS Tracker, just ask!

Our Stray Star GPS Tracker

Learn more about our Stray Star GPS Tracker: packed with features, free pre-installed SIM card and plenty of great information, support and aftercare. Click here to read more.