Discrete GPS Trackers

Discrete GPS Trackers

Discrete GPS Trackers are incredibly useful - here you'll learn various ways in which our discrete GPS Trackers are used. 

Discrete GPS Trackers are commonly used as dementia trackers or  elderly trackers - small, waterproof and tamperproof and discrete devices for tracking loved ones. Discrete GPS Trackers aren't going to beep, flash and or vibrate every time you need to locate it.

discrete gps trackers
"Bought the GPS pendant for my father who is in residential care with dementia and prone to “escaping” This device is an excellent product to secret in his shirt pocket as he would probably remove the watch. The customer service and aftercare with this company is excellent. I have had a couple of queries & their on line service response is quick and extremely helpful. Many thanks would highly recommend"Susan, 2016

Discrete GPS Trackers are used for 4 main reasons -
which is yours?

Discrete GPS Trackers with Added Benefits

Fortunately, our Stray Star GPS Dementia Tracker is one of the best discrete GPS Trackers on the market - and has a great number of features for anyone needing a discrete GPS Tracker. Click on any heading for more details.

So... if you're looking for discrete GPS Trackers, look no further.

How typically might discrete GPS Trackers be used?

Our customer Susan was interested in discrete GPS Trackers to help keep an eye on her father. He has dementia, lives in a care home and is prone to wandering. Something clunky and obvious would be distracting, and he tends to fiddle with buttons and pull things away that are attached.

So because of this, Susan opted for our Stray Star GPS dementia tracker, one of the best and most loved discrete GPS Trackers on the market. The device is small enough for her to fasten in his shirt pocket. With a dementia tracker, getting the support of care homes is important, and they were willing to ensure it was inside his shirt pocket each morning.

Now, Susan receives a text alert each time he goes wandering, and is able to receive regular location updates whenever she needs them via text.

This is just one example of how discrete GPS Trackers might be used - your situation will be completely unique to you.