Your GPS Tracker Questions Answered

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Can GPS Trackers be used in any country?

What is the range of a GPS Tracker?

Can GPS trackers get a good signal indoors?

Do your GPS Trackers have SOS panic buttons?

How are the batteries charged?

How long do the GPS Tracker batteries take to charge?

How long do the batteries last?

Can GPS Trackers be fixed to the body?


How do you use a GPS Tracker?

How are locations given?

Can GPS Trackers can be used to track vehicles?

Are GPS trackers discreet - do they make any sounds?

SIM Cards and Ongoing Costs

What else do I need to use a GPS Tracker?

Why do GPS Trackers need SIM cards?

Can I use a Pay As You Go or a contract SIM?

How much does the SIM card usage cost?

Are there any ongoing fees from you?

Customer Services

If I get stuck, what help is available?

Can I buy a GPS Tracker as a Gift?