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Questions About Specific Products

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Stray Star GPS Tracker | Questions
GPS Car Tracker | Questions

More General Questions about using our GPS Trackers

Using a GPS Tracker

How Do They Work? (Click here for the basics)

How are locations given?

Battery durations & charging

What else do I need, to use a GPS Tracker?

What happens if there is no mobile phone signal?

What is the range of a GPS Tracker?

Can GPS trackers get a good signal indoors?

Do your GPS Trackers have SOS panic buttons?

Can GPS Trackers be fixed to the body?

Can GPS Trackers can be used to track vehicles?

Are GPS trackers discreet - do they make any sounds?

SIM Cards and Ongoing Costs

Tell me more about SIM cards

What are the ongoing costs?

Live tracking

I have read about live online tracking - do I have to use this?

What is the data usage?

International Usage

Can GPS Trackers be used in America/Australia/France/any country?

What SIM should I use for another country?

What charging plugs are supplied with international orders?

Customer Service & Ordering a GPS Tracker

If I get stuck, what help is available?

Can I buy a GPS Tracker as a Gift/Use a different address?

I need this tomorrow - can you do Special Delivery?

I still haven't received my Tracker

I am buying on behalf of a local Council - how should I order?

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