GPS Tracking – Choosing a Tracker

GPS Tracking – Choosing a GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking allows you to be able to locate a person or object – simply by sending a text message. Our GPS Tracking devices work using both GSM (mobile phone) & GPS signals. The GPS tracking technology comes courtesy of multiple satellites orbiting the earth, which can triangulate a position on the earth’s surface with great accuracy. The GSM component means that whilst the GPS Tracking device requires a SIM card, it is then able to receive and send text messages (containing location information) and phone calls.

Uses for GPS Tracking vary widely. Here are some popular reasons that people buy GPS Tracking devices:

  • GPS Tracking for Dementia & Alzheimer’s – people with Alzheimer’s or dementia are liable to wander and become lost – causing great panic to family members, and a huge risk to themselves. GPS tracking allows carers and loved ones to be able to easily locate people with dementia who become lost. Geo-fencing is particularly useful in this instance – receiving a text alert if the dementia or Alzheimer’s sufferer strays too far. They are fantastic for GPS Tracking from care homes, and allow GPS Location access for multiple carers.
  • GPS Tracking for Elderly wanderers – the elderly can be prone to wandering, falling or needing help if confused or panicked at all. Our GPS tracking devices are packed with useful GPS alert features for this need: Geo-fencing notifies you a GPS location by text if the elderly person wanders too far, an SOS button can be pressed in emergencies, a fall alert will be triggered if they fall. This can give more freedom to the elderly, and offer reassurance to family and friends.
  • GPS Tracking for children – every parent will know how nerve-wracking it can be when their child is lost. Perhaps your child says he or she is staying over at someone else’s house – you call to check up on them and the concerned parent on the other end of the phone says that your child didn’t stay there at all. GPS tracking can give that extra bit of reassurance – being able to send a text and receive an instant location back could solve hours of worry. You can also set a radius to know if your child strays too far from a particular place. Two-way calling (or remote listening) allows you to have greater peace of mind in being able to communicate with your child.
  • GPS Tracking for Travellers – when travelling, it might be useful for friends to be able to keep track of each other, if they get split up. The GPS tracking devices can also work like mini mobile phones. Of course, friends or parents might also wish to keep track of the travels. Our GPS Tracking devices are quad-band, but do check areas of travel for 2G/3G availability, and SIM card roaming features. It is possible to set the device up to track online, so family and friends can visit a webpage to see the route of travel, and where they are now.
  • GPS Tracking for Cars – Our GPS Car Tracker is incredibly useful as a way to prevent car theft (what a small investment to protect an expensive vehicle – including boats!), keep track of whoever is borrowing your car, or watching over employees who have use of company vehicles. Know if the vehicle travels too far, or goes over a certain speed! Couriers for example – being able to keep track of a vehicle has many uses. We do occasionally get emails from jealous spouses – but we’ll leave that one alone for now!
  • GPS Tracking for theft prevention – Our small Stray Star GPS Tracker is ideal for hiding in belongings, handbags, bikes or anything else, allowing alerts if taken too far, or instant location texts whenever you need them. It can also be set on standby for up to 30 days, only waking to give a location when it moves. Excellent for added reassurance!

Choosing a GPS Tracking Device

Choosing a GPS tracking device therefore depends largely on what you want to track. If its personal GPS tracking that you’re after, then our Mini Stray Star GPS Tracker and Vehicle GPS Tracking device are perfect. The latter has a 60 day battery life, and is water proof and magnetised.

Click here to compare our GPS tracking devices – I’m sure you’ll find something fit for purpose.

GPS Tracking Customer Service

Buying a GPS Tracking device can be a daunting thing – they can look very complicated. To be honest, most manuals are very complicated – and some are not even comprehensible. All our manuals are written to be user-friendly – and if there’s anything you don’t understand – you only have to get in touch! We respond to GPS tracking queries very quickly, and are able to solve most issues in minutes. This is also why we also aim to explain everything as best we can on the site.

Online GPS Tracking – For Free!

Being able to see GPS tracking online is very satisfying. You might want to have an extra browser tab open at work, so you can track your partners progress on a trip. Or maybe see your child as they walk about on a school field trip. Make sure that a delivery is being couriered on time by one of your employees. The uses are endless.

Most companies charge extra for this – making it a monthly fee. We give it to our customers for free. When you buy a GPS tracking device, we give a step-by-step guide to getting your tracking device set up for online GPRS tracking. All you need is a GPS Tracker SIM card, which should be no more than £5pm (and normally much less). We pre-install them with an easy to follow activation sheet – incredibly cheap costs, no subscriptions, no ties, no minimum usage! We try to make everything as simple as possible for our GPS tracking customers.

Have a question about GPS Tracking?

If there is anything about GPS tracking that you want to know, just browse around the site, or get in touch. We’re always happy to help!

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