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GPS Tracker SOS buttons

An SOS button on a GPS Tracker is immensely useful – especially if the person might become lost, confused or anxious. We specialise in GPS Trackers for dementia, Alzheimer’s and elderly wanderers – so GPS Tracker SOS buttons are essential. They are also used by children who have autism or anxiety issues – but the uses are of course much wider.

Our small, personal GPS trackers all have an SOS button. When the SOS button is pressed, the device automatically sends a text message to up to three pre-programmed emergency phone numbers. This could be a partner, son, daughter, manager – anyone with a phone. The SOS button also triggers the device to call the pre-programmed phone numbers in turn – until someone answers. Sharing access of a GPS Tracker with relatives and friends is easy – and can be set up remotely.

The SOS button is able to text and call out because the GPS tracker has a SIM card inside (which you choose – depending on your network preference, pay as you go or contract, etc. We have a great deal for SIM cards if you need one, with a very-cheap-to-use pre-installed GiffGaff SIM.

The SOS Button gives vital information

When the handy SOS buttons on our GPS trackers are pressed, the text messages they send to the relevant phone numbers contains vital information. Because our GPS trackers are able to locate themselves using overhead GPS satellites, the texts contain the location coordinates of the GPS tracker. You can click on the live Google Map link in the text message, and see the location immediately on your phone.

This is incredibly useful. If you know someone who is vulnerable, who may become lost of confused or in any kind of trouble, then a personal SOS button is a very useful thing to have. Their exact location can be sent out in seconds to any carers or relatives.

An SOS button you can program yourself

Our Stray Star GPS Tracker for dementia and Alzheimer’s has an SOS button that you can program with up to three numbers. This is done by sending the GPS Tracker some text messages from your mobile phone. You can request the location of the GPS trackers at any time, all with a simple text message. They are also really helping if GPS Tracking elderly wanderers.

Not just SOS button alerts

As well as text alerts for when the SOS button is pressed, our GPS trackers are also able to provide text alerts if the GPS tracker goes a certain distance from a certain spot, and some if they go over a certain speed. For more details on GPS Tracker alert texts, click here.

Stay safe with an SOS button

Because our GPS Trackers all have SOS buttons, they are popular for people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and the elderly. Anyone who is prone to wandering, or becoming lost or confused, could make use of an SOS button. Carer’s are then given that extra bit of reassurance, as well as being able to locate the person at any time.

If you have any questions about SOS buttons or our GPS trackers. just get in touch.

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