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GPS Tracking Devices

We sell GPS Tracking Devices which are high quality, reliable, and user-friendly enough to be able to take full control and make the most of out.

Our tracking devices are very well suited for safeguarding the elderly, people with Alzheimer’s who may wander, and children. They provide the most essential tracking device functionality – being able to locate easily and remotely (via text), SOS buttons for emergencies, and geo-fencing – where an alert is sent if the tracking device leaves a certain radius. To see a more detailed list of the functionality, click on the individual tracking devices in the “GPS Trackers” section to the side.

Tracking devices elsewhere on the internet are prone to one of three disadvantages:

  • They are cheap imitations with poor quality parts, and liable to fail or not actually do what they’re supposed to
  • The online support and documentation is lacking, meaning that you are in the dark about how to use the tracking device
  • There are hidden costs such as having to pay to locate the tracking device, or subscribe to a high monthly fee.

Our tracking devices are high quality, tested and supported by user-friendly thorough manuals and online assistance. There are no hidden charges – you just pay the cheap tracking devices text and call charges, which are £5 per month to the SIM card provider.

Tracking Devices with Free Online Tracking

Our tracking devices are able to be easily configured to upload their location information to the internet. You can then log in to see where you tracking device has been – and where it is at the present moment. With the SIM card which you can opt to have for free with your order, it is only 20p per day for internet usage, which is great as you’re unlikely to need to switch on the online tracking every day.

For a list of our GPS Tracking Devices for sale, click here.

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