Mini Trackers

Mini Trackers Are Reliable & Discreet

Our GPS mini trackers are discreet, easy to use devices that allow the wearer to be easily tracked. All of our products are mini trackers – small, pocket-friendly trackers that give the wearer that extra reassurance.

Mini trackers differ from vehicle trackers for example, which can be bulky and hard wired to the electrics of a vehicle.

The benefits of mini trackers are countless. You can monitor (by listening), locate, or talk to anyone who is wearing one, providing they are within an area with a GPS signal. One of our mini trackers is absolutely tiny – perfect for the elderly or alzheimer’s sufferers who may wander.

How do Mini Trackers work?

The basic functionality works by texting the mini tracker with a certain command, and a password (which is a default until changed). E.g. the person wanting to locate the mini tracker may text “Locate” to the tracker. The mini tracker then responds with an automatic text, listing the coordinates of the tracker, and map link which can be clicked for the live Google Map on your phone.

Using similar text functionality, you can program mini trackers with the mobile number which is to be called if the mini trackers SOS button is pressed, as well as one or two secondary backup phone numbers. Then for example, if the wearer of the mini tracker presses the call button, the tracker automatically dials out to the relevant pre-programmed number. They can then talk and listen to the carer.

Remote listening is a great bonus feature of mini trackers, as the ones we sell all have microphones. By texting the tracker with a set command, the tracker will automatically call you back and allow you to listen in on its surroundings. The wearer is not alerted – there are no beeps or flashing lights. If for example you have a new babysitter, or you want to listen to the surroundings of an Alzheimers sufferer – then this is extremely useful.

You can also text mini trackers to activate “geo fencing”, whereby if the wearer of the tracker strays too far from a set point, a text is automatically sent to the pre-programmed number.

What do Mini Trackers come with?

Our mini trackers are all packaged with spare batteries, USB charger leads, UK plugs, manuals, and are very nicely boxed. For some mini trackers, we will email you the manual beforehand, so you can get to grips with understanding the functionality whilst awaiting delivery.

If you have any questions about our mini trackers, please do get in touch.

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