GPS Tracking for Alzheimer’s Patients

GPS Trackers for Alzheimer's Patients
- With Safety Alerts and NO Contracts

GPS tracking for Alzheimer's patients is an essential need - approximately 700,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and up to half will become lost at least once by wandering.

So we provide GPS tracking for Alzheimer's patients that is affordable, multi-functional and leaves the carer with complete control.

gps tracking for alzheimer's patients
gps tracking for alzheimer's patients

Easy To Use GPS Tracking for Alzheimer's

Our Dementia Trackers make GPS Tracking for Alzheimer's patients easy. They work by text messaging, like mini-mobile phones, with their own pre-installed free GPS Tracker SIM.

You can text GPS tracking devices for Alzheimer's patients from your own mobile phone - it will then reply with the location coordinates. These can be clicked on with an internet phone to automatically load up Google Maps, or easily entered into Google Maps on a computer.

GPS tracking for Alzheimer's patients is also made even more convenient with some clever functionality. Again with a simple text message to the GPS tracking device, you can set the GPS tracker to alert you if it goes out of a certain distance of a fixed location. So you could set the GPS tracker to let you know if the Alzheimer's patient wanders more than 100 meters away.

Another important safety feature of GPS tracking for Alzheimer's patients is that they also work as fall detectors. Motion sensors will detect a fall and send you an immediate text alert.

"We have a family member with early Alzheimer’s and he tends to go off on wanders and although currently finds his way home, he doesn’t know in advance where he is going as he just waits for a train and gets on it, so he could be anywhere from chester to Southport or Preston! It is a fantastic bit of kit and we are so pleased."Janine, UK

Learn all about the Stray Star Dementia Tracker

The best GPS Tracking for Alzheimer's Patients.
No hidden fees, subscriptions or costs - you have control.

Affordable GPS Tracking for Alzheimer's Patients with very low ongoing costs

We supply a super  Dementia Tracker for Alzheimer's Patients - tiny, robust, waterproof, tamperproof and a huge 10 day battery life. Its the longest battery life you'll find for a Personal GPS tracker.

As well as a large SOS button (which can be deactivated), it boasts an on-board speaker and microphone for two-way calling, remote listening, and geo-fence alerts.

GPS tracking for Alzheimer's patients needn't be expensive - ours are only 5p per location text, and you look after your own SIM credit. Read more about the cheap ongoing costs here.

    More Details about our GPS Tracking for Alzheimer's

    Read more about our Stray Star dementia tracker with a list of unique features perfect for Alzheimer's patients. Discrete, waterproof, tamperproof, free online tracking, no subscriptions - its an essential bit of kit.

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