Magnetic GPS Car Tracker – Unbeatable

gps tracker for carsIf you hold our Magnetic GPS Car Tracker anywhere near a radiator, car or van – it will be pulled out of your hands with a ferocious “clunk” as it sticks to the metal

A Magnetic GPS Car Tracker is a fantastic gadget to have.

The Magnetic GPS Car Tracker is also packed with excellent features:

  • Online GPRS tracking – we give a step by step guide to getting set up so you can track the vehicle online
  • Receive instant Google Map GPS text alerts – you can set the magnetic GPS Car Tracker to send you a text message if it goes a certain distance, over a certain speed, or is shocked
  • Locate by calling it – if you call the number for the SIM inside the GPS tracker, then hang up, it will automatically text you its location with a clickable Google Map link
  • Huge GPS Car Tracker battery life – can last over a month, as it “sleeps” when inactive
  • Completely wireless – wiring is included if you want to install the tracker, but its unnecessary as you can just slap it on a car and leave it.

Why Use a Magnetic GPS Car Tracker?

The magnetic GPS Car Tracker is completely wireless – meaning once configured (full details supplied – with a thorough English manual), you can simply stick it under a vehicle and leave it for as long as you need to – the battery life can last over a month. It enables you to track a vehicle – if you use online tracking, then a 30 day history can be used. This is useful for business owners who want to track a vehicle being used by an employee for example, or to track a delivery.

You might also want to use it to track a stolen vehicle using GPS – keeping it in a boat, car or van that might be vulnerable to theft for example. If stolen, you can immediately call the magnetic GPS car tracker and receive the location coordinates by reply.

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