Using GPS Trackers for Alzheimers

GPS Trackers for Alzheimers Give Freedom & Reassurance

gps trackers for alzheimers
GPS tracking devices for alzheimers offer an obvious reassurance to loved ones and relatives. One in fourteen people over the age of 65 have Alzheimers disease, and one in six over 80. Dementia currently affects an estimated 700,000 people in the UK.

Alzheimer’s sufferers can become confused, have temporary memory loss, and may wander. Reports show that 60-70% of Alzheimer’s sufferers will get lost at least once. If they aren’t found within 24 hours, the probability of death can be as high as 50%.

GPS Tracking for Alzheimers is therefore an obvious need – being able to track a loved one with Alzheimers offers ressurance should they wander, get lost, or become confused.

GPS Tracking for Alzheimers – Benefits for those with Alzheimer’s

If you have a relative or friend with Alzheimers, then you might like to know that our GPS Trackers offer SOS “panic” buttons. When pressed, these send the coordinates out to a programmed mobile phone – as well as call the phone. You can then have a one to one conversation with the tracker holder, to reassure them and ask of their location. This is very useful if they are lost, confused or in any way vulnerable. If they are unable to report their location first hand, the coordinates in the text message that is automatically sent will do the job for you.

Our GPS Trackers for Alzheimers also feature two-way calling. The tracker holder can make calls to three programmed phone numbers, as well as receive calls from anyone. This is made possible by an onboard microphone and speaker.

GPS Trackers for Alzheimers – Benefits for the Carers

For the carers of those with Alzheimers, our GPS trackers for Alzheimers offer instant location tracking via text message. You simply send a specific short text message to the GPS tracker, and it will automatically send back a text with the location coordinates. These can be easily looked up on Google Maps. If you have a smart phone, then you can also click on a link in the text to automatically load the location on a browser.

Our GPS trackers also enable live online tracking. This allows you to log into a website, and track in real-time the location of the tracker.

Limitations of GPS Trackers for Alzheimers

Some limitations you should be aware of when considering buying a GPS tracker for Alzheimers: as the GPS trackers are quite intensive in their functionality (holding a GPS signal, enabling SMS texts and calls), the battery life can be around 20 hours for the GPS Watch Tracker and a few days for the Mobile Phone GPS Tracker. You should therefore be in a position to regularly charge the GPS tracker. We provide UK USB plugs to make this as easy as possible. The GPS trackers may also have difficulty locating a GPS signal indoors. This is a standard limitation of all GPS trackers. The ability to track when wandering outside however, or even being near a window, is still a vital and incredibly useful function.

Our GPS Trackers for Alzheimers

Our products can be seen on the right of the page. We give a full breakdown of the benefits. All you need is a SIM card to install in the GPS tracker, and a mobile phone from which to send the texts to locate it. You’ll receive a thorough, down-to-earth and user friendly manual explaining all you need to know. There are no ongoing costs or contracts, except of course for the SIM you install in the GPS tracker (which can vary).

If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch.

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