Child Trackers

Child Trackers to Locate Your Children

Child Trackers are something no cautious parent should be without. They allow you to be able to locate your child easily, with a simple text message from your mobile phone to the child tracker. You can also log into an online website to see the location of the child tracker.

There are a number of situations where child trackers can come in handy. Your child may stay over at a friend’s house, and you want to be sure that that’s the case. Your child might go off playing with a friend on a weekend, and you can’t be sure where he or she has gone. If you take your child to a busy city, resort or attraction, then what happens if you somehow become separated? Child trackers allow easy reassurance with a simple text message from your mobile phone.

If you have a smart phone, then the child trackers can send an automatic text by reply with a live link to Google Maps. You can just click on the link and see Google Maps showing the location. With an older style phone, you can receive a text with the location coordinates – which you can then easily enter into Google Maps on any computer with internet access to see the location.

Child Trackers Also Have Safety Features

Our Child Trackers also have SOS buttons – so if your child gets in trouble or lost, they can press the button. This will automatically send an alert text to your mobile phone, as well as call you. You can then either talk to your child, or just listen in to the surroundings. Incredibly useful.

The Child Trackers also have a function where you can listen in through the onboard microphone.

Online Tracking with Child Trackers

Online tracking is very easy to set up – we give you a step-by-step guide. All you need is a data enabled SIM card and you can then log in and request the location.

If you might be interested in purchasing child trackers, you can read more here, or see our product here.

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