Set up GPRS for the GPS Vehicle Tracker

Set up GPRS for the GPS Vehicle TrackerYou do not need to use GPRS unless you want to – you can continue to locate your Vehicle Tracker via the simple call and text functions. However, the live online tracking of GPRS is very useful for those who want it. “Packets” of information are uploaded from your GPS Tracker to the internet – this then allows you to see, in real time, the location of the Vehicle Tracker on a website. You will also be able to see the historical track of where its been.

To enable live online GPRS tracking, the SIM card in the GPS Tracker must have a “data plan” – which then allows connection to the internet. Data plans can vary greatly in cost. GiffGaff supply an adequate data plan, with 300 texts and 60 minute call allowance for just £5 per month without contract (amazing value), or just 20p per day of use (you can switch the function on and off with text commands). If you’re in the UK and don’t already have a GiffGaff SIM but want one, you can order one here where you’ll also get an extra £5 via our partnership link.

Get Started

There are three steps to follow. Please read the information here carefully – if you’re unable to get the tracker locating online, then you might have made a mistake with the setting up of your account, or the commands sent to the tracker. So please ensure to read and follow the instructions properly!

Step 1: Set up your SIM for GPS Tracking (APN)
Step 2: Set up Your GPS Tracker for GPS Tracking
Step 3: Set up your Webpage for GPRS Tracking (GPSTrace website)

Step 1: Set up your SIM for GPS Tracking

First, text the following commands to your GPS Vehicle Tracker, depending on your mobile SIM provider. This sets up the correct APN (access point name) to allow your SIM to connect to the internet. Choose your network from the list below, and text the corresponding command – text the command exactly as it’s written below.

GiffGaff apn123456
Vodafone Contract apn123456 internet
Vodafone PAYG apn123456
Orange apn123456 orangeinternet
O2 Contract apn123456
O2 PAYG apn123456
T-Mobile apn123456
Three apn123456 3internet
Tesco Mobile apn123456
Virgin Mobile apn123456
BT Mobile apn123456
ASDA Mobile apn123456

If successful, you will receive a text saying “APN OK”. If you get “ERROR!” back, then you have entered the command incorrectly.

Step 2: Set up Your GPS Tracker for GPS Tracking

Now we’ll send a command to get the GPS Tracker to send the location information to a specific web server. Enter the below command exactly as it’s written:

adminip123456 20157

If successful, the tracker will reply “adminip ok”. If you get “ERROR!” back, then you have entered the command incorrectly.

Step 3: Set up your Webpage for GPRS Tracking

This will be your online tracking account, where you can see the uploaded information from your tracker shown on a map. At present, this service is free to use from the tracking platform provider.

Visit GPS Trace (clicking opens in a new tab, so you can refer to this screen as well).

Fill in your details to register for free. Don’t worry – it’s safe! Please write your username/password down somewhere so you don’t forget them.

Once registered, go to to log in with your chosen username and password. If you visit the main homepage instead (which might be in Russian), you can click on the symbol in the top right to be taken to the login screen.

On your page, click on the big “activate” button.

An information window will pop up. Untick the box in the lower left corner (to stop it popping up again), then click the “X” in the top right to get rid of it.

Set up GPRS for the GPS Vehicle Tracker
Enter your tracker details:

Name: Enter a label for the tracker
Device Type: Choose Xexun TK-102
Unique ID: Send imei123456 to your tracker for the IMEI number – enter it here.
Phone Number: The phone number for tracker, in intl. format
Device Access Password: 123456

That’s all you need to enter. Now click “OK” in the bottom right.

Once you have set up the tracker for GPRS – you should see your tracker appear on the map.

More Info

If you don’t see the tracker on the map – hit refresh a couple of times. If its still not showing, text gprs123456 to the tracker to tell it to switch to GPRS mode. Then refresh after a few moments. To switch back to SMS reporting, rather than online, you can text sms123456 to the tracker.

Now, when you get a location by calling the device, it will instead upload the location to your GPS Trace account.