Personal GPS Tracking Device – For People

GPS Tracking Devices for People

We specialise in personal GPS Trackers - GPS tracking devices for people who may be vulnerable or at risk of wandering. Our device is terrific, and specifically designed with a host of features and benefits for tracking people.

GPS Tracking devices for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s: A Tamper-proof and discrete GPS tracker that will give you instant map locations when the person becomes lost. Locate them at any time, or call for a two-way conversation or to listen in to the surroundings. 

GPS Tracking devices for elderly people who may wander: offer your loved one the security of an SOS ‘panic’ button to alert you should they ever become confused or in need of help. Locate them at any time – and know if they wander too far or fall down. 

GPS Tracking devices for people who are vulnerable (or small!): If you have a child or relative with autism, or who might be prone to wandering, becoming lost or panicked – our GPS tracking device is packed with great features. 

A personal GPS Tracking device for people at risk

Our Stray Star GPS Tracking device is packed with excellent GPS tracking features - making tracking people who are vulnerable as simple as possible:

  • Instant map locations to your phone

    Text the personal GPS tracking device and it will instantly text you back with its accurate location.

  • Two way calling

    Use the personal GPS tracking device like a mobile phone with two-way calling. It answers automatically, and can also enable discrete listening.

  • SOS 'panic' button

    Our GPS tracking device has a panic button – if the person presses it in distress, up to three carers can be notified.

  • Free online tracking

    The personal GPS Tracking device can upload its location for you to log in and see – also showing a history of the walking route.

  • Discrete, tamperproof, waterproof

    Our GPS tracking device shouldn’t be confusing or obstructive to the wearer. Our discrete GPS tracker has many unique advantages – it can even be worn in a shower or swimming pool.

  • Free pre-installed SIM - VERY cheap to use!

    Super cheap at only 5p per location text – this is the only other cost you’ll incur. Read more about the free SIM and associated costs here.

  • Dispatched from UK today

    Order by 3pm and you might receive your personal GPS tracking device tomorrow.

  • Excellent help and aftercare

    You won’t get stuck with our personal GPS tracking device – you’ll have your own terrific online help portal, a concise manual, and us here to help you with anything you need. We pride ourselves on great customer service.

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