Personal GPS Trackers – Top Tips for Buying

Buying a Personal GPS Tracker can be costly – so make sure you choose the right Personal GPS Tracker for your situation. There are a few variables to be aware of, and there are certainly lots of pitfalls! I’ll show you a few of the most important things to consider, so you can make your decision wisely.

Customer Support is important

Here at Personal GPS Trackers, we distinguish ourselves not only in having excellent products but in giving first class customer service. This doesn’t just mean after care with phone and email support – we make sure our manuals are thorough, easy to understand, and detailed. We provide everything you need to get going, and think of the smallest details – like including a small sealable baggie to protect your Personal GPS Tracker.

If you’re tempted in buying a cheap and nasty GPS Tracker from eBay, be wary that although you might get a cheaper deal, you’re likely to end up with problems down the line. Short battery life, no customer support, confusing manuals – we’ve heard countless bad stories from customers who learned their lesson. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

Battery Life

Battery life varies wildly on GPS Trackers, which is fair enough as the technology is so small yet powerful. Our Personal GPS Tracker has a whopping 7 day battery life, which obviously means you only need to access it once a week to charge. Other trackers such as the GPS Tracker Watch and the majority of other Trackers sold elsewhere only have a 2-4 day battery life.

How will the Personal GPS Tracker be carried?

One of the biggest considerations will be the person you want to track, and their personal routines and tastes. Some people are absolutely fine with carrying a personal GPS tracker, and will recognise the benefits. Others will be reluctant, and or forgetful, where more creative strategies will be needed to ensure their increased safety if at risk of wandering. Our two main trackers offer two distinct choices – wear as a pendant or keyfob or in a pocket – or wear as a watch on the wrist. Either can be explained as something else (a watch or an SOS device) which makes the GPS tracking functionality something extra that might not even be discussed.

Do you want to be in control, or use a call center?

Some companies offer a call center, which you can call up to ask where the personal GPS Tracker is located. This can undoubtedly be useful – if you don’t like using mobile phones or technology, and want things to be as simple as possible. The disadvantages though are increased costs (a monthly premium is charged) and relying on third parties to give you the information. You might be mildly curious about the person’s location and not feel confident enough to call the call center for example.

We don’t offer a call center, and instead leave you in complete control to locate your own personal GPS Tracker. Everything is explained and outlined in the manual, which becomes incredibly simple once you’ve followed the simple steps to set the Tracker up. All you need to do is send a short text message and voila! You’ll get an instant text back with the location information. You can also set the Tracker to upload its location to a website instead – so you then just need to log in to see the constantly updated location.

Running Costs

Don’t be caught out by hidden costs! A few companies may lure you in with a cheap initial fee, followed by more expensive monthly charges. It soon adds up! We only charge a single fee when you purchase your Personal GPS Tracker – you then only pay for the location text messages as and when – which are only 6p each! You can use whatever phone network you like, so you pay for your SIM credit direct to whatever network you choose. We also don’t charge for online tracking – its free to use.

Personal GPS Trackers functionality

The functionality of personal GPS Trackers is fairly consistent – although you’ll want to make sure that the functions you specifically need are included. These are listed on the individual product pages. Our Personal GPS Tracker has some fantastic functionality – include geo-fencing (get an alert if the Tracker goes into or out of a specified zone), initiating phone calls, and remote listening. Its a terrific piece of kit.

Still not sure?

If there’s anything about your situation that is unusual or there is something you aren’t sure about personal GPS Trackers – give us a call and ask! The number is 01392 580655. I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions.