GPS Trackers for Dementia

GPS Trackers for Dementia – Be Alerted If They Wander


GPS trackers for Dementia sufferers are a great idea – giving an extra bit of reassurance to carers, and extra safety for the dementia sufferer. Dementia sufferers can be prone to wandering and becoming lost or confused – so being able to locate them in real-time is a useful function.

Personal GPS Tracker for Dementia patients

Our Personal GPS Tracking Device for Dementia is a breakthrough – a tiny GPS Tracker that also has a 7 day battery life. It has a big SOS button on the front should the dementia sufferer become lost. You can set up a “zone” of location coordinates, and receive text alerts if the dementia patient wanders outside of that zone. It also works as a mini mobile phone, with two way calling, and a plenty of other great features. Online tracking is free – and we give a full step by step guide to getting set up. Click here for more details of this superb GPS tracking device.

GPS Trackers for dementia sufferers offer benefits for both the carer, and the dementia sufferer.

GPS Trackers for Dementia – benefits to the carer

You can text the GPS tracker for dementia with a specific command from your own mobile phone. The GPS tracker will then automatically reply with a text including the location coordinates and a link to Google Maps. If you have an internet phone, then you can just click on the link, otherwise, you only need to input the coordinates directly into the Google Maps website on a computer.

You can also send a specific text command to program a “geo-fence” – this means that if the GPS tracker for dementia strays too far, then you will get an alert text. This is handy to know if your dementia sufferer wanders too far.

GPS Trackers for Dementia – benefits to the dementia sufferer

The GPS trackers for dementia have some useful features. The dementia sufferer may enjoy the increased sense of freedom – knowing they can wander and not be risk of getting lost. If they stray too far, then a carer can be easily notified. GPS trackers for dementia also have SOS buttons. If the dementia sufferer can be trained to remember to press it (not always possible), then doing so sends an automatic text and phone call to the designated numbers.

Our range of GPS Trackers for Dementia

To the side are our GPS trackers for dementia sufferers.

If you have any questions about GPS trackers for dementia, do get in touch.

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