Tracker – Choosing a GPS Tracker

Choosing a GPS Tracker might seem daunting – there are many different types available, for different uses, and with different functions.

A Tracker for Personal Use

If you want a GPS tracker for personal use, then the tracker functionality you need will depend on the main purpose.

If the tracker is to benefit the wearer (who may wander), then safety features such as an SOS button are important – allowing the wearer to notify people of the location if he or she gets lost. Two-way calling is also useful should they wish to make or receive a phone call. We have a GPS tracker watch which displays the time, and can be worn on the wrist. We also sell a GPS tracker with a mobile phone which has an FM radio and flashlight.

If the tracker is to benefit the person caring for the tracker wearer, then the most obvious need will be to locate them as easily as possible. A tracker from our range provides easy locating with a simple text message. You can also view the location online, if you set up GPRS online tracking for the GPS tracker.

Buying a Car Tracker

You may want a tracker to track something like a car or other vehicle. In this scenario, you obviously don’t need two-way calling. Our basic mini tracker is perfect for this use – offering simple but robust tracking functionality.

If you’re thinking about buying a tracker and have any questions whatsoever, get in touch.

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