Cheap GPS Trackers & Cheap GPS Mini Trackers

Don’t trust cheap GPS trackers and cheap GPS mini-trackers on the internet!

Our GPS trackers are excellent value – they are cheap in price despite being excellent quality. However, people searching elsewhere on the internet for cheap GPS Trackers and cheap GPS Mini Trackers are likely to be tempted by the cheap prices offered by various ads and listings. We’re experts in this field, so want to share with you some likely consequences of buying cheap GPS Trackers!

Cheap GPS trackers and cheap GPS Mini Trackers from other sites will come from China!

This means it will take up to three weeks to be delivered, and you are more than likely going to have to pay customs duty when you receive it!

Furthermore, when you do receive your package, you might be disappointed to find that its not what you ordered, the manual is not in English (and if it is – its still not readable!) and the packaging is not in English. You’ll also get a Chinese plug, which is not ideal!

Our trackers are sent First Class from the UK – with thorough English manuals and UK plugs.

You get no support with cheap GPS Trackers bought from other sites!

You will also get absolutely no support should you need help with setting up your cheap GPS tracker, or dealing with any issues that arise (e.g. it falling apart). You’re also on your own in finding a site to get online tracking up and running.

We give excellent online support, quickly responding to all product queries and offering help in setting up trackers should our customers need it. We also provide step-by-step guidance in setting up online tracking should you need it.

Cheap GPS Trackers might not be reliable!

Cheap GPS trackers are often clones, or imitations of the real thing. They may use inferior chipsets, be unreliable, or have other issues which arise. You really do get what you pay for!

Our trackers use the latest SIRFIII chipsets. We’re here to help with any issues that arise – and you won’t end up with a faulty GPS tracker.

So beware buying cheap GPS Trackers or cheap GPS Mini Trackers from other sites!

If you want to buy a cheap GPS tracker or cheap GPS mini tracker that also gives great QUALITY, customer service, FREE UK First Class delivery and SIM cards, then click here!

      I ordered it from you as I appreciated the effort in creating a website that clearly describes how to get this set up and am further grateful for the very quick response in helping get this up and running fully. It’s great to see it on the map and I hope that this will enable us to keep better track of my father (who has Alzheimers) without unduly disturbing him.
      All the best,

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