How Much Will It Cost To Use Your GPS Tracker?

The costs of using our GPS Trackers are very low – and you certainly won’t need to spend more than £5 per month.

It’s only 5p per text message, 15p per minute of outgoing call time (e.g. if the SOS button is pressed), or £5 per month for an inclusive package with 150 minutes and 500 texts – more than enough even for heavy users. There are no contracts, and no more costs involved! Please read on for more detail to reassure any other concerns – the relevant cost bits are in bold. Once you have purchased the device – you will only need to top up your SIM credit once in a while – there are no more costs from us. You only pay for your SIM usage, the costs of which are detailed further below.

Stray Star GPS Tracker
Personal GPS Tracker
Locate by Text
2 Way Calls
SOS button
Fully Waterproof
10-30 Day Battery
Charging Cradle
Hidden mic
Fall alerts
Motion alerts
Strong Signal

Activate the SIM inside the GPS Tracker with £10 of credit, and get £5 added for free

Its easiest to think about the GPS Tracker as being like a mini mobile phone. It has a SIM card inside, its own phone number, and can receive and send texts as well as phone calls. As a free optional extra at the shopping cart stage, we pre-install GiffGaff SIMs inside the devices. GiffGaff use the O2 network, have very cheap usage costs (which I’ll come to shortly), and don’t lock you in to any contract. You’re welcome to use any SIM you like though, so if you have a spare one lying around or a preferred network for your area, you can use that instead. You will find instructions for installing your preferred SIM in the welcome sheet.

Inside your GPS Tracker package you will have an easy-to-follow welcome sheet outlining how to activate the pre-installed SIM. Its very easy and takes about 5-10 minutes. You will need to activate your SIM with £10 of Pay As You Go credit – you will then automatically get £5 added on top, so you will end up with £15 of credit.

Usage costs vary, but are very cheap

Text costs

As soon as you have the GPS Tracker’s phone number, you can send a text message to get the location via immediate text reply. You can give the GPS Tracker’s phone number to any friends, family or carers who might also be involved in helping to locate the person if they become lost.

Each time you text the device, it will incur the cost of a standard text message from your own mobile phone. If you have inclusive texts with your mobile phone (as most people do) then it will be included in those.

Each time the device texts you back, it will cost 5p from your GiffGaff SIM credit.

You may wish to set up other functions via text message – which will incur a text from your mobile, and a confirming “OK!” text back from the GPS Tracker. For example – setting up phone numbers to receive SOS, geo-fence or low-battery alerts. Setting up the geo-fence (where the person wanders past a certain distance) or fall-alert functions. Changing the battery mode according to your needs (details of all these functions are in the manual, and require a simple text message to set up).

Setting up the device with a couple of SOS alert numbers and a function or two will cost about 20-30p of SIM credit. After that, its just 5p each time you request a location by text.

Call costs

If alert numbers are set, then pressing the SOS button on the front of the GPS Tracker will call them in turn until someone answers. You can also set a phone number for the outgoing call button (on the side of the GPS Tracker).

Outgoing calls made by the device (whether intentionally, automatically in response to an SOS button press, or accidentally as a result of a button press) will cost 15p per minute of outgoing call time.

Calls can be cancelled by the person who is called, or by the wearer pressing the SOS button mid-call.

Please note that the GPS Tracker’s outgoing calls can be deactivated, without losing other important alerts. This might be useful it the wearer doesn’t have the ability and/or memory to press the buttons at appropriate times, or if you’re concerned that too many unnecessary outgoing calls might be made. You can simply not set a number for the side button to make an outgoing call to, and not set any SOS numbers. Usefully, and unique to our Stray Star GPS Tracker, you can still set a number to receive alerts for geo-fence breaches (where the person wanders beyond a certain distance), fall-alerts, and low battery alerts – while the SOS button still remains inactive and unable to text/call any numbers.

If you call the device, it doesn’t cost anything from the GPS Tracker’s credit to answer a call, but will of course cost your normal call-costs from your own mobile phone (or landline). If you have inclusive minutes, then calling the device will be included in those.

Online Tracking costs

Online tracking is an optional function whereby rather than texting the device every now-and-then for a location, you can set up an online account which you log into to see where the device is. It is free to set up and use an online tracking account, in terms of the account itself. You will need to send two text messages to the device to set it up for online tracking, each of which will trigger an “OK!” text reply (total = 10p of credit). When online tracking is enabled, the device uploads its location every few minutes to the online account, which allows you to see a path of where its been. The data usage for this adds up to about 20p per month (the data packets are very small, which is why this is so cheap).

Typical Usage

A typical user then might require a location or test the device every 1-3 days, with some various alert texts (geo-fence breaches, low battery alerts) also texted. In a month, the usage costs for the GPS Tracker (GiffGaff) credit would then be around £2-3 (this would provide for 60 texts). If a few short SOS or outgoing calls are also made, the cost would increase to around £3-5.

Heavier Users

If you think there’s a chance that you might be texting the device more often, or receiving a lot of SOS alerts, geo-fence alerts or outgoing calls made from the device – there’s usually something that can be done to help reduce costs by reducing the unwanted (unnecessary) alerts/calls. If not though, then instead of using the GiffGaff credit, you can choose to have an inclusive monthly package deal instead.

The £5 per month goodybag includes 150 outgoing call minutes (two and a half hours!) 500 texts (16 per day!) and more than enough data usage for a month of online tracking.

Sound good?

From here you might want to move onto reading about our Stray Star GPS Tracker, or different uses for GPS Trackers.