Need Assistance?

We’ll try and get it resolved for you asap.

The quickest solution might be right in front of you – so let’s check there first…

1 – Re-check the the manual

If its a usage issue, do check the relevant section in the manual again, as you may have overlooked something.

2 – Check your GPS Tracker’s Help Page

Once you’re sure that you haven’t misread something in the manual, check the back of your manual for your Help Page.

You’ll find a web address for a detailed and thorough online guide packed with tips and solutions for your specific Tracker. The vast majority of solutions are listed there, including charging, usage, unusual/lack of text responses and lots more.

You might save a lot of time by checking your Help Page first, as the vast majority of customer queries are answered there.

Where is my Help Page?

I have checked my Help Page, but still need help