Alzheimer’s Tracking Watch

Alzheimer’s Tracking Watch Won’t Let You Down

alzheimers tracking watchAn Alzheimer’s Tracking Watch that alerts you when they wander – and gives an accurate location.

An Accurate Alzheimer’s Tracking Watch

The Alzheimer’s Tracking Watch has the latest Sirf III GPS tracking technology inside – meaning that it can locate and report its location with a high degree of accuracy – within 3 meters. It transmits its location to your mobile phone or the internet using a SIM card inside (which you provide yourself, although we have a great offer for a free SIM if you need one).

When you send a simple text message to the Alzheimer’s Tracking Watch, it will automatically reply with its location. This takes the form of latitude and longitude coordinates, which can be entered into Google Maps or Google Earth – and also a link which can be clicked on if you have an internet phone. You can then immediately see the location.

SOS “Panic” Button

If the wearer of the Alzheimer’s Tracking Watch feels confused, becomes lost or needs to alert someone, then a small SOS button on the side of the Tracking Watch will do just that. It sends an alert location text message to up to three programmed phone numbers, and also calls the phone numbers in turn, until someone answers. A two-way conversation can then take place, via the onboard microphone and speaker. Its a great safety feature.

Battery life on the Alzheimer’s Tracking Watch

Its difficult to get all the GPS and mobile phone technology, and battery, into a tiny package to be worn on the wrist! The battery lasts for approximately 16 hours with GPS use, and takes 3 hours to charge with the supplied lead – which plugs directly into the side of the Alzheimer’s Tracking Watch. It is therefore recommended to charge briefly once a day.

Alzheimer’s Tracking Watch also has Online Tracking

It is very easy to set up the Alzheimer’s Tracking Watch to be tracked online, with our easy step-by-step guide. All you need is a SIM card which is data enabled – which shouldn’t cost more than £10 per month in the UK. You can then log into a website wherever you are in the world, and see the location of the Alzheimer’s Tracking Watch.

Use the Alzheimer’s Tracking Watch anywhere in the World

The Alzheimer’s Tracking Watch is quad-band, meaning it will work anywhere in the world.


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