Watch Mobile Phone

The Watch Mobile Phone – a 3-in-1 Gadget

Our Watch Mobile Phone is a mobile phone you can wear on your wrist.

The Watch Mobile Phone doesn’t have a full keypad – but two buttons on the side can be programmed to call two different phone numbers. The Watch Mobile Phone can also receive phone calls from any number via the onboard microphone and speaker. In this way it is like having a mobile phone on your wrist – simple, but perfectly usable. Our Watch Mobile Phone device is popular with the elderly, or anyone who is vulnerable and wants the convenience of easy contact without having to carry a mobile phone around. Because it is worn around the wrist, the Watch Mobile Phone is not easy to lose or leave behind – and you can call someone very quickly and easily.

Watch Mobile Phone Other Features

GPS Tracking

The Watch Mobile Phone is also a GPS tracker. Someone can track your location any time using a specified text command, and see on Google Maps exactly where the watch mobile phone is. You could also use this function yourself – for example if you put the watch mobile phone in a bag, and the bag was stolen.

Remote Listening

Another mobile phone can send a text command (with a password) to have the Watch Mobile Phone call them back with the microphone enabled. This is totally discrete and hidden from the watch mobile phone wearer. Say for example, you left your watch mobile phone in an office – you could later use it as a covert surveillance device. Or if you were in a meeting and you wanted your partner to listen in (to save repeating it all later), they could listen in via the remote listening feature.

The Watch Mobile Phone Has Excellent Call Quality

The call quality on the Watch Mobile Phone is great – the onboard microphone and speaker are like a mobile phone. The Watch Mobile Phone needs a SIM card inside like a normal mobile. The ongoing costs you pay for the Watch Mobile Phone are just your text and calls costs – and data, if you want to enable live online GPS tracking.

More Details About The Watch Mobile Phone

We dispatch the Watch Mobile Phone within 48 hours, with First Class free delivery. You will receive a presentation box, detailed manual, two batteries, and UK charger.


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