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Our UK GPS Tracker has something for every need - whether you are wanting to track someone with Alzheimer's or dementia, track an elderly person, locate your children if they become lost, or track a car.

Buying a GPS Tracker from our UK GPS Tracker Store ensures that you won't be let down. Our GPS Trackers are stocked and sent from the UK, and come with detailed English manuals and UK plugs. We're here to help if you have any problems getting set up.

UK GPS Tracker Features

SOS "Panic" Button - If the person with the UK GPS Tracker becomes lost, confused or is in trouble, they can press an SOS button on the GPS Tracker. This sends an automatic text message to up to three programmed phone numbers, and calls them in turn until someone answers. The text message includes the location of the UK GPS Tracker, so they can be found.

Two-Way Calling - most of our Personal GPS Trackers have onboard microphone and speakers, effectively making them mini mobile phones. Buttons on the UK GPS Tracker can be programmed to call specific phone numbers. Calls can also be answered.

Geo-fencing - you can be alerted if the UK GPS Tracker strays too far. This is done by setting a radius boundary from a specific point. When the GPS Tracker moves beyond that radius, an alert text is sent to your mobile phone, with the location information.

Remote listening - you can call the UK GPS Tracker to listen in to the surroundings via the onboard microphone.

Why Buy a UK GPS Tracker?

You'll find that the internet is filled with clones, cheap imitations and tacky GPS Trackers that can't be trusted - the reliability and accuracy is dreadful. The manuals are often impossible to understand, make no sense, or are simply wrong. Websites selling imports don't warn you about the VAT and customs duty you'll have to pay on delivery, or the lack of UK accessories. Our GPS Trackers are sent from the UK, and often arrive the next day. Our manuals are thorough and easy to understand - we won't let you down.

More Details about our UK GPS Trackers

Each of our UK GPS Trackers has a different list of features. Please click here to see for yourself just how useful and versatile they are.

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Our Stray Star GPS Tracker

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