Tracking Device for People

A Tracking Device For People, That You Can Rely On

Buying a tracking device for people can be quite confusing – there are many GPS trackers on the market with wide ranges of prices and quality.

Our GPS tracking devices for people are a best-buy for the following reasons:

They are very accurate

They come with detailed UK manuals so you know exactly how to use it

You can text the tracking device for people from your mobile phone to know exactly where it is

You can set up the tracking device for people to upload its location online – for free

If you are new to buying a tracking device for people, see our tutorial video here, which shows visually exactly how they’re used to track people.

Tracking devices for people differ from normal GPS “logging” devices, in that they are usually used to be tracked by someone else. I.e. you are wanting to track and locate someone other than yourself. Commonly, our tracking devices for people are popular with carers of Alzheimer’s patients, people with dementia, and vulnerable people.

Tracking devices for people are small enough to be carried – and their GPS tracking functionality can be completely discreet, so the wearer is unaware of them.

Using GPS Tracking Devices for People

An example of how tracking devices for people might be used:

You buy a tracking device for someone – e.g. an elderly relative. You install a SIM card (which we can provide for free), then follow the step-by-step manual included with the device to set it up. Once your elderly relative is then carrying (or wearing) the device, you can then request the location.

You simply send a text message of “5550000” to the tracking device, from your mobile phone. The tracking device will then automatically reply, with the location coordinates, and a link to Google Maps. Using the internet (on your phone or a desktop) you can then see exactly where the tracker is.

Other features of Tracking Devices for People

Tracking devices for people also differ from standard vehicle trackers in that they have a number of safety features. These include SOS buttons, 2-way calling (like a mini mobile phone) and the ability to set up geo-fence perimeters. This means that if the person steps outside of a boundary, the GPS tracking device for people will send you a text alert to let you know.

If you have any questions about our tracking devices for people, just get in touch.

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