Stop a Bike Being Stolen with a GPS Tracker

Protect Your Bike From Being Stolen With a GPS Tracker

stolen-bike-gps-trackerA bike gets stolen in Britain every minute.

You can protect your bike from being stolen by investing in a small GPS Tracker. A tiny device that fixes to the bike, with duct tape or inside a saddle bag. Switch the GPS Tracker on before you park your bike – and switch if off again when you get back on. Its waterproof, tamperproof, discrete, and the inbuilt battery can last up to 30 days on standby.

Depending on your battery setting, you can locate your bike with the GPS Tracker anytime – just by sending a text message from your mobile phone. The tracker will reply with the location coordinates in real-time. You can also upload the locations to internet every couple of minutes – to trace the route that the stolen bike is taking. This would be invaluable information for the police in being able to locate and recover the bike for you.

The best GPS Tracker to Protect from Bike Theft

Our Stray Star GPS Tracker is a brilliant GPS Tracker for asset protection – and only the size of a matchbox. The battery an last up to 7 days, and its a robust little gadget. It carries a small SIM card inside, which enables you to communicate with it discretely.

Send a text message to it, and it will reply with the location coordinates.

Call it, and you can listen through the embedded microphone.

Set an immediate geo-fence – so if your bike is taken and goes a certain distance away – you will get an alert text message. If you were going to leave your bike for a few hours, you wouldn’t want to come back and find it gone. With geo-fencing, you can know very quickly once the bike has been taken.

The best bit is that there are no ongoing costs with using a GPS Tracker to protect your bike. The SIM we provide allows for top-up credit with no contracts or usage restraints. It’s just 5p a location text, anytime you need one. So you can set up your GPS Tracker, install it on your bike, and feel assured that you can locate your bike if stolen.

Flexibility of Battery Modes to Retrieve a Stolen Bike With a GPS Tracker

The default battery mode

Normally, the battery will give you a text location whenever you text it for one. It is always ‘on’, ready to respond to your texts or calls. Whenever your bike moves, it will request a fresh GPS location, ready for when you need it. For this reason, the battery drains more the more your bike moves – so depending on your riding frequency and charging intervals, this is something you will need to consider. Normally on this mode, you can expect about 3-5 days of battery life, but it could be up to 10 days if your bike is mostly stationary (e.g. a 20 minute commute each day).

Extended battery mode

Here, you can set the GPS Tracker for Theft Protection (via a text) to only be active for a set duration, whenever the device moves. For example, this could be one hour – so whenever your bike moves (or is stolen) it will activate for one hour before going back into standby. This mode can give up to 30 days of battery – but you will only have that one hour to locate it (unless it keeps moving!) You can get around this limitation by setting it up for online tracking – when it wakes up with motion, you can see where it is for that hour. If it stops moving again and goes to sleep – you can log in to see the last known location before it went into standby. They’re incredibly flexible and versatile – see for yourself!

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Our Personal GPS Tracker for theft protection is packed with functionality - get alerts when your bike moves or goes a certain distance, via text or online. Waterproof, tamperproof and discrete!