Small GPS Watch Tracker – No Ongoing Costs

A Small GPS Watch Tracker: Jam-Packed With Features

Wouldn’t it be great to have a small GPS Watch Tracker? A great little device that keeps track of where someone is.

Our small GPS Watch Tracker is exacty that – small, accurate, and packed with great features.

Our small GPS Watch Tracker measures 64.5mm x 45.5mm x 17.5mm. If you go much smaller, then battery life starts to become a big problem because GPS Tracking technology is quite energy intensive. Our small GPS Watch Trackers have a constant-use battery life of up to 18 hours, with 48 hours on standby.

Uses for Small GPS Watch Trackers

Small GPS Watch Trackers are popular for people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or who are elderly and may be at risk of wandering or becoming lost. Our small GPS Watch Trackers are used for transmitting the GPS location details to someone else – so for someone who looks after the person actually wearing the GPS Tracker. This is different from small GPS Watch Trackers where the wearer of the GPS tracker wants to keep track of their own location – these are for logging location data, rather than transmitting it.

Our Small GPS Watch Tracker Sends the Location to a Carer

Our GPS Watch Tracker requires its own SIM card – in this way it functions like a mobile phone, able to text out GPS location data, and make and receive phone calls.

When you send a certain text message to the GPS Watch Tracker, it replies automatically with the location information. You can also keep track of the GPS Watch Tracker online – we give a detailed step-by-step guide to getting set up with online GPRS tracking for free. The only ongoing costs are for your own SIM card inside the GPS Watch.

Other Great Features of the Small GPS Watch Tracker

This small GPS Watch Tracker isn’t just a GPS Tracker – its also a mini mobile phone! Two small buttons on the side can be programmed to call specific numbers – and the watch can receive any calls as well. A small SOS button will send out location texts and calls to programmed numbers in the case of emergencies. The GPS Watch Tracker also has geo-fencing – allowing alerts to be sent if the Watch Tracker moves a certain distance from a set point, and remote listening.

To read about the full list of features of the small GPS Watch Tracker, click here.


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