SIM Cards For GPS Trackers

Choosing SIM cards for GPS trackers is something you may not feel sure about.

Is it like a mobile phone?

What about coverage?

How much will it cost?

Well let me tell you!

SIM Cards for GPS Trackers are no different than for Mobile Phones

SIM cards for GPS Trackers can be from any normal SIM provider, and are no different than mobile phones. In the UK, we have Vodafone, Orange, O2, GiffGaff, Tesco Mobile, etc. They can be pay as you go – where you pay for each text and call the GPS tracker makes, or contract.

Our favourite SIM card for GPS Trackers

Our favourite SIM card for GPS Trackers is GiffGaff. There are a number of reasons:

  • They use the O2 network, which has great coverage in the UK.
  • They have a number of “goodybags” which last for a month – this means you aren’t tied into a contract
  • The costs for the goodybags are very low, and are perfect for GPS trackers

Your GPS tracker is going to be making perhaps a few texts a day, maybe a few short phone calls in a month (if the two-way calling is used), and possibly data as well if you want to track the GPS tracker online. If you use Pay As You Go, this could all add up to about £15-20 per month.

The GiffGaff “Hokey Cokey” goodybag costs just £5 a month, and gives 300 texts, one hour of call time, and if you do decide to use data as well then its just 20p per day. Its perfect for normal GPS tracker use (that’s ten location requests a day, and ten 6 minute phone calls). If you’re going to be using the tracker more heavily, then the £10 per month plan has 250 minutes of call time, and unlimited texts and data. What’s great about GiffGaff is that you can switch package from month to month – and there is no ongoing contract.

Get a free SIM for your GPS Tracker with £5 free credit

If you use our partner link by clicking here, then you can order a free SIM from GiffGaff and get £5 of free credit at the same time.

Remember, GiffGaff use the o2 network.

Basically, SIM cards for GPS Trackers are no different to mobile phones, and you should avoid paying more than you need to.

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