Remote GPS Tracking Watch

A Remote GPS Tracking Watch that texts the location to your Cellphone

remote gps tracking watchThe benefits of a remote GPS Tracking Watch are that it doesn’t just “log” data.

Using the SIM card inside, the remote GPS Tracking Watch is able to transmit the location and speed data to a cellphone via text. If the SIM is data enabled, then the remote GPS Tracking Watch can also be used to upload the information to the internet. We provide a step-by-step guide to setting this up – and its completely free. Just log into a website and track the remote GPS Tracking Watch – wherever you are in the world.

Track Someone With the Remote GPS Tracking Watch

Our remote GPS Tracking Watch is most popular for carers and relatives of patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia. When elderly people begin to wander and become lost, there is a great personal risk. Half of all wanderers will become lost at least once – and it can be a huge worry for all concerned.

The Remote GPS Tracking Watch alerts you when they wander

The remote GPS Tracking Watch allows you to not only know where the person is, but also to be alerted when they begin to wander. An inbuilt feature called “geo-fencing” allows you to program a specific radius from a specific point. If the GPS Tracking Watch then leaves that area, the device will automatically send you a text alert with the location. This way, if a person wanders beyond the length of the street, you can know about it.

Other Remote GPS Tracking Watch features

The remote GPS Tracking Watch also has an SOS button, in case the person being tracked wishes to send out an emergency text and phone call. An onboard microphone and speaker enabled two-way calling – so you can call the GPS Tracking Watch. The wearer can also call out by pressing one of two pre-programmed buttons.

The battery life of the remote GPS Tracking Watch is approximately 17 hours with continuous GPS use. It can be charged via a supplied cable, which takes about 2-3 hours.

Read more about the Remote GPS Tracking Watch

The remote GPS Tracking watch is packed with features. Click the box to see more details, including some truly great features such as remote listening, and frequently asked questions about the device.


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