Do Personal GPS Trackers Work Anywhere?

Do personal GPS Trackers work anywhere?

personal trackersQuestions that are commonly asked are:

“Do these GPS Trackers work in America?”
“Will GPS Tracker work in Ireland?”
“What is the radius that a personal GPS tracker works?”
“Will this GPS Tracker work if I take it abroad?”
“Can I get a GPS Tracker location from 200 miles away?”

The answer is mostly Yes! to all these questions, but there are a few limitations to be aware of. Different signals have different limits depending on where you are in the world.

GPS Signals are available all over the world

The actual GPS signal that the GPS Tracker uses to obtain its location is obtained from many GPS satellites orbiting the earth – so is available anywhere without restriction.

The Only Limitation with Personal GPS Trackers – SIM Network and Frequency Band

SIM Network

Our Personal GPS Trackers are unlocked, so you can use any SIM you like in the tracker. You’ll need to choose a SIM which has the best coverage for the area in which you’ll be using it. Obviously, SIM usage charges vary from country to country, so you’ll need to research this yourself.

If you’re based in the UK, then the SIM’s we can provide free with the tracker are with GiffGaff. They use the o2 network, who have excellent coverage in the majority of the UK. They also have very cheap international rates and free roaming in EU, so if you take the personal Tracker outside of the UK and into Europe for example, then it won’t eat into your Pay As You Go credit too much to make location requests or calls. You won’t actually need to change anything.

Frequency and Bandwidth

Our Stray Star GPS Tracker is 2G and quad-band, which means it will work anywhere on earth where there is a 2G cell network. Until recently, that meant the whole planet, but unfortunately, the major carriers of some countries have started to disable their 2G networks e.g. US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For these countries, you will need a 3G Stray Star GPS Tracker instead. You can click here to read more about the differences. The 3G Trackers aren’t quadband – they are only on the 850 or 900 frequency. Because the US only uses 3G networks on a 850 frequency, and UK uses 2G or 3G but only on a 900 frequency, this means that you can’t use the same device in both countries.

So if you are in the UK with a 2G Tracker, you can use it all over the world except those countries which only have 3G networks on the 850 frequency (US, Canada).

If you are in the US or Canada, then you will need a 3G GPS Tracker, but won’t be able to use it in Europe or Eastern territories.

So wherever you are – there is a GPS Tracker variant you can use – but you will be limited as to which other countries you can use it in.

2G or not 2G?

Learn about different territories and bandwidths, to help choose which device is right for your country.

The Personal GPS Tracker is often sold for international usage

Our popular Personal GPS Tracker has been purchased by customers in Brazil, Spain, America, Australia, France, Ireland and plenty of other countries – with no problems whatsoever! We have also sold units to VIPs keen to keep an eye on their children whilst travelling abroad.

If you have any concerns at all about purchasing a Personal Tracker, just get in touch.

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