GPS Trackers For Travelling

Someone You Know Going Travelling?

gps-trackers-travellers-thIt can be worrying knowing that a loved one is travelling far away. Sometimes the idea of just knowing where they are can give that bit of reassurance.

But you’ll also want them to have some easy way of reaching out to you if they are lost, or in any kind of trouble. A touch of a button on the device could give you their location within minutes, and open up a discrete two-way voice channel. You can also remotely disable the LEDs on the Stray Star GPS Tracker in response to an SOS message – so if any kidnappers were involved, they would believe the device was switched off (when actually its working perfectly well).

Indeed, if Liam Neeson had thought to give his daughter a GPS Tracker in the film “Taken”, it would have made his life much easier 🙂

How is a GPS Tracker useful for Travelling?

If a family member or friend is travelling, give them a GPS Tracker. Also, if two people are travelling together they might want a way to keep track of each other – especially if they’re likely to separate to do different things. If they both also have smart phones (e.g. Android, iPhone) then they’ll be able to click on a link in the location text, and instantly see where their travelling companion is.

gps tracker for travelling

phonegprs-screen6Here’s what you can do with a GPS Tracker

Text to Locate

    You can send a text message to the GPS tracker to instantly receive the GPS location back. Click on the link, and in seconds you’ll be looking at a map of the location on your phone! Another button (on Google Maps on your phone), and you can see the overhead satellite for the area. These days, international texting isn’t a problem – its very cheap.

Online Tracking

    With a data-enabled SIM, the device can be set up to regularly upload its location to the internet. The online tracking account is free to set up – you or any friends or family members can then log in to see the location (from anywhere else in the world). You can also see the track of where the traveller has been! Be aware though that international data costs can be more pricey, depending on where the traveller goes.

SOS button  
personal-gps-tracker travelling

    When pressed on the GPS tracker by the traveller, the tracker sends a text with “Help Me” and the location co-ordinates to the mobile phone number programmed into the tracker’s emergency memory.

Two-Way Call

    An inbuilt microphone and speaker allows the carer to call the GPS tracker to be able to communicate with the traveller – or vice-versa. This could also be useful if two travellers get separated and need to call each other – they could have each others Tracker numbers programmed into each other’s devices.


They work anywhere in the world!

    Our devices are quad-band, meaning they work anywhere in the world. The only exception to this is Canada – because they have switched off their 2G network completely. You just need a SIM card that has international roaming, so that you can use it wherever you are.


Things to think about…

The traveller needs a SIM card with international roaming


    We provide SIMs with our devices from GiffGaff, who use the o2 network, and also have cheap roaming rates. However, the devices are no locked to any network, so you can use other SIM cards. We advise to stick to one, rather than chopping and changing in different countries. The Stray Star GPS Tracker needs to be opened up to change the SIM card, and if the phone number changes, then people back home might not keep up with it!

Network signal limitations

    Just like a mobile phone, these devices are reliant on the network signal to be able to send and receive text messages. If there is no network signal, the GPS Tracker will not be able to send you the location. Most built-up areas of the world have access to a mobile signal, but of course many areas don’t. This is something to be aware of.

GPS signal limitations

    The GPS signal on the Stray Star GPS Tracker is very strong – it uses AGPS. However, with this device and more so with others, GPS signal will be limited, or even absent, when the device is indoors.

Battery charging


    We can supply EU or US chargers, between which (and UK) many other countries use. It shouldn’t be too difficult to pick up an adaptor in the relevant countries though. The USB lead can be plugged in to any USB port to charge as well. In terms of battery life, the Stray Star GPS Tracker has up to 30 days on the power-saving mode, where it can be “woken” up with motion. Even with regular use (or motion) it still gives over 7 days.

Setting Up The Device

Before expecting to rely on your GPS tracker for location co-ordinates, its vital that you:

  • Read the instructions that come with the GPS tracker
  • Ensure that you have enough pay-as-you-go credit on the SIM card
  • Know the number of the GPS Tracker’s SIM card
  • Have programmed the Tracker with the relevant phone number for the associated mobile (where the co-ordinates will be sent if the SOS button is pressed)
  • Have practiced locating the device, by sending the relevant text message
  • Have shown the traveller how to use and charge the tracker (if relevant)

In Summary

If you or someone you love is going travelling, then our Stray Star GPS Tracker could be a life-saving purchase. Offering the ability to be located at any time, its also discrete, packed with useful features, and fully waterproof.

Whatever you choose, enjoy your travels and be safe!

Stray Star GPS Tracker
7 Day Battery
2 Way Calls
Hidden mic
SOS button
Fall detection
Tamper proof