Firmware Update

GPS Tracker Firmware Update


If you bought your device before Christmas 2015, please click here to get the update.

We have developed a firmware update which improves the battery duration, from 3-4 days to about 10 days, when only using location requests (Loc).

The new update disables the motion-sensitivity – the GPS chip will now wake up only when you text it for a location, rather than whenever the device moves. For this reason, if you are wanting to use continuous online tracking, geo-fencing or fall alerts (which require motion detection), you’re better off sticking to the battery mode of PS1.

To enable the new battery mode, you will first need the latest firmware. Any devices purchased after Christmas 2015 will have it already. Any purchased before will need to be updated.

If/when you have the updated device

(If you purchased your device after Christmas 2015, you will already have the update.
If you purchased before this time and need the update, click here.)

Text Mode4 to your device.

If successful, it will respond with “Press button to active GPS working mode on!” – don’t worry about that, you don’t need to do anything.

The GPS chip will now wake (blue LED) only when you text for a location, set up any other function, or press a button on the device. It will shortly thereafter go back into standby mode, so will be more energy efficient.

If you wish to test whether Mode4 is active, just move the device about. If the blue LED comes on in response to this, then it isn’t active, its in the default PS1 mode. If the blue LED doesn’t come on, but the green LED is still blinking as usual, then its in Mode4. Of course, always send a location request via Loc just to satisfy yourself that the GPS chip still wakes when you need a location.

You can also check to see if Mode4 is active by texting Status. If you see
then Mode4 is active.

If you see
then PS1 mode is active.

Should you ever wish to cancel Mode4, you can text PS1 to go back to the default mode (where any motion will wake the GPS chip).