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Hardware issues

[toggle title=”I need a SIM card”]

You need a SIM card inside of the tracker because they function like mini mobile phones. More details can be found here. You can order a SIM from here, with free £5 credit once you activate it with a £10 top-up. They have excellent rates and no contracts. Win win!
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Make sure you have inserted the battery.

Press the red “hang up” button below the screen, and hold it down. After a few seconds, the display should come to life with an intro screen and sound.

If you still can’t switch the Watch on, remove and reinsert the battery and try again.

If you still can’t switch the Watch on, maybe the battery is flat. Plug in the wall plug charger, insert the charging cable into the plug, and switch the plug on. Then insert the tracker end of the charging cable into the tracker. You should see a “charging” symbol after a few minutes.

Having waited a few minutes for the tracker to gather some residual charge, try switching it on again by holding down the power button.
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When switching on the tracker for the first time, its best to do so outside so it can find the GPS satellites – once this has happened, it will be a lot faster at signal in the future.

On first use, or if having trouble getting a signal:

1) Go outside
2) Extend the Antenna at the top left of the tracker.
3) Switch the tracker on.
4) Wait a few minutes
5) Press “up” on the directional button TWICE to go to “Servers”. Hit “Ok”. Then, with “GPSInfo” selected, hit “Ok” again. When you have a signal, you will see the coordinates here. Texting a 6660000 command to the phone should then return the GPS coordinates.

If you are still not getting a GPS signal, text #730#180#4#0000## to the phone. This “pushes” the phone to open a GPS signal. Again, wait a few minutes, then try step ‘5’ above to see if the coordinates have been found.

Remember, the tracker may not get a signal indoors – its best to be outside.

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The green light shows when the charger is charging the GPS Tracker. If the green light goes out, then it means the tracker is fully charged.


Usage Issues

[toggle title=”I don’t understand how to use the tracker”]

Please read the manual carefully, from start to finish. You will see that text commands need to be sent to the tracker, from another mobile phone. The text commands contain the # symbol, which you will have to locate on your own mobile phone.

So you need to send text messages, from your mobile phone, to the number of the SIM card inside the Tracker. Different text messages carry out different functionality on the tracker. In the examples in the manual, you will need to replace some variables, e.g. your own mobile number for setting up the main number.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”When I text the tracker, I don’t get any response”]

When switching on the tracker for the first time, its best to do so outside so it can find the GPS satellites. This can take a few minutes to do, so please be patient. On first use, it can take a little longer to locate the satellites (see above).

Check that you are texting the correct number for the SIM inside of the tracker.

Make sure the tracker is switched on.

Check that you have correctly installed the SIM card.
[/toggle] [toggle title=”When I put the coordinates into Google Maps, I get the wrong location”]

This is just an error with the numbers. If one digit is wrong, then the location will be very inaccurate.

Make sure you put a minus sign before the latitude or longitude, if appropriate, depending on the coordinate response you get back from your tracker. Follow the example in the manual. Try putting a minus symbol before the longitude coordinate to see if that’s the problem.
[/toggle] [toggle title=”The Tracker shows the wrong time”]

When the tracker has successfully located the GPS satellites, it will update the time and date. If the hour is an hour out (because of daylight savings time) then you can adjust this manually via the options menu, “Phone Settings” and “Time and Date”.

Another way to change the timezone is to text 8960000Enn

E is if you want to go East, and this should be changed to W if you want to go West.
nn is the number of hours you want to go.

So if the current time is showing as 09:30, after sending the command 8960000E08, the time will add 8 hours and change to 17:30. Similarly, when setting the command 8960000W07, the time will go back by 7 hours and change to 02:30.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”The Tracker is giving the previous location, not the current location”]

If the tracker cannot locate a good GPS signal, then it will report the last reported location instead. You can notice this from the time and date accompanying the location in the text message.
[/toggle] [toggle title=”The Tracker gives my house as the location, even if I’m out”]

If you switched the watch on indoors, then it may not have located the GPS satellites. Its best to switch on outside, then leave the watch switched on. It can then be charged daily whilst left on.
[/toggle] [toggle title=”I can’t get remote listening to work”]

When you text 5550000 to the tracker, it will call the “Main Number” with the microphone enabled.

As explained in the manual, the main number is set up with #710#mobile number#0000##

For remote listening to work, you need to enter your mobile number without the first zero.

E.g. #710#7786444444#0000##

Please note, if you want to then use the geo-fencing function, you will need to re-enter this command with the first zero back in.
[/toggle] [toggle title=”What does sampling interval mean when setting up a geo-fence?”]

The sampling interval refers to how often the Tracker “checks” to see whether its in or outside of the geo-fence area. If set for 5 minutes for example, then every five minutes the watch will compare its current location to the geo-fence location, to know whether or not to sent the alert text. The smaller the sampling interval, the quicker you’ll know when the geo-fence has been breached. But also, the smaller the interval, the “busier” the watch will be, and so battery life will be slightly reduced.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”The SOS button makes a loud annoying noise!”]

You can reduce the volume of the SOS button via the options menu. Press “Options”, then “Settings”, “Phone Setup”, then “AID SETUP”. This will allow you to reduce the volume.


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